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Landry also says controversey over the charter has brought the debate over Quebec independence back on the front burner.

Im 4 0r 5 generations Canadian,im Spanish from the west indies, Swedish, Danish, English. in other words Canadian LIVING in my quebec a province!

It never was and never will be.

He told a group of roughly 250 people that Quebec is a nation, not a race, adding he's enraged when he hears someone refer to Quebec as a province.

build. along with les Quebecois, the beautiful PROVINCE we have today. many of them also paid the ultimate sacrifice in two world wars, which secured the democratic values, that give you the right to spew out this vile venom that fuel your racist nationalism, without legal repercussions. STOP it.

are stealing all things Quebec like a thief and getting away with it on Sports Bra Nike For Girls

This is not England or France !Never was. The current French mandate encompasses writing all government associated documents that even the quebecois cant read because its so complicated.

I don't hate all my French friends and never will. We all define Quebec together

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a massive scale.

Memo to Mr. Landry: My Quebec is already multicultural and has been for quite some time . for generations, in fact. To deny that half the population of Quebec province does not experience the richness of a multicultural society is patently ridiculous. The PQ's brand of ethnic nationalism is simply crass! Multicultural Montreal brings Quebec province the vibrancy and talent it needs to compete in the world. Multiculturalism is part of our patrimoine and enriches societies throughout the world. That's a fact worth celebrating.

Montreal is totally built by immigrants and the French as well. The streets were in English, they changed that along with this eradication of all things English.

To postulate, that Quebec is not multicultural is a reprehensible insult to all the Nike Womens Sweater English, Irish, Italians, Portuguese, Jews, Germans, Asians, etc who left their homelands and came here and helped Nike Sb Shorts Black

Bernard Landry spoke at a forum saying the province not and should not be multicultural adding that's reflected in the planned charter.

making it very unique.

The castle in Quebec city was built by the English!

Quebec belongs to Canada comprised of all things French and English and native indian and all immigrants since its conception. Where are they going?!

´╗┐should not be multicultural

Regarding the ensuing debate following the charter's unveiling, Landry admits it's intense, but at least it's civilized and that looks good for the province as well as Parti Quebecois.

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I know this country east to west, north to south and every city in between ! Quebec's entire history is made up of total immigrants from primarily Europe. English, French,

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Royal Canadian Ukrainian Mounted Police.

They Nike Women Sports Bra

A former Quebec premier spoke out Saturday on the proposed values charter.

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Mr. Landry is out of touch with reality. Yes, Quebec is indeed a province! His people, the qubcois, the pur laine, are a nation who belong to the province just like the First Nation people belong. In fact, why not call themselves the Second Nation people. He thinks this debate is civilized. I guess in his mind berating a woman for wearing a scarf, being spat upon, being told to go back home or smearing a building with pig's blood are all acceptable forms of civility. He is one deranged human being.

They convinced the rest of Canada who believe quebec is mostly French!

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Big turnout Bernie. I guess from the 400 hundred the other night 150 more could not scrounge up bus money, or some could not find the Metro station near Fairview. Do you not see how unimportant you and your clans cause has become. And you are a nation in your eyes, but in the rest of the world we are a province until according to you further notice, but last election 66% said we are a province. So it is time to lift that rock and crawl back under it, or soon enough you can go to Hollywood, Florida and join the rest of you trailer park pals for the winter, better still its grape picking time, go see JP in France and take a few of your racist friends with you.

ps= The first peoples to colonise in Canada were the Ukrainians ! They even made the first police force called RCUMP!

Dear Mr Landry,

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Nike Womens Sweater

Irish, Scottish, Ukranian , Polish, Swedish, Danish, Italian etc.

It later changed to RCMP.

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enjoy you last years in obscurity, on the that cushy pension a large percentage of which comes from the taxes of Quebec's multicultural population

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You are out of touch with reality and do not know your Quebec history.

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