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Finance Minister P. Chidambaram has been given a wish list for the budget to be unveiled Feb 28, including some long pending demands, which if implemented can slash the cost of air travel, making it more accessible to the common man.

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at things. It is incorrect when you ask me how are you ensuring the character of the army of 20,000 working under the Lokpal. Actually, no one is born honest or corrupt. It is the system that makes you honest or fraud. The same set of people in one department is very corrupt but when they go to America they become very honest. When they go to a different system they behave in a very different manner. So, it is the environment and the system of that particular department that makes people honest or corrupt. Till now, in this country, we have not paid any attention to governance systems. For the first time we are talking of addressing this issue of governance system. For instance, there are very small departments in the government with less than even 200 people. And even some of them are corrupt. You have the Delhi Metro which has more than 7000 people but it is performing very well. Why? It is not that E Sreedharan sits on each and every Nike Women Gilet person's head; it is because he has developed the right kind of systems. So anyone who comes there behaves in a particular manner. And many of these officers in Delhi Metro come on deputation from the railways. When they come to Delhi Metro they behave properly."

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Shrinidhi Harible also writes that:

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Shrinidhi Haribal has written an article about aviation project. The following is an excerpt from the article:

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operators waiting to begin operations.

Various airlines are in the process of leasing up to 100 planes over the next year, point out experts, and the tax would hamper growth by posing an obstacle for budget airlines and smaller Nike Blue Sweatpants

A reduction in the tax on ATF and infrastructure development in the country! There's nothing else the industry can ask for. Sales tax of up to 30 percent charged by states on the sale Nike Tank Tops Amazon

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"The aviation fraternity is in a buoyant mood. The ministry is looking at vast spends in aviation infrastructure, private airliners are hiring resources: human and aircraft, aeronautical firms are happily making frequent trips to the Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, where the ministry of civil aviation is located expecting brisk business and Indian air travellers are beginning to expect world class travel services."

of ATF has been a bugbear of the industry for some time.

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The abolition of withholding tax on leased aircraft, which was reintroduced by the finance minister last year but was then rolled back under pressure, is one of the most fervent wishes of airlines.

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´╗┐shrinidhi haribal

Fuel costs account for a third of the operational cost of airlines. With global fuel prices soaring since January 2004 and high sales tax in Indian states, the cost of air travel, particularly in the domestic sector, is that much more."

According to the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), domestic ATF prices were about three times the international prices.

"A rapidly opening Indian aviation industry is looking for a big push from the upcoming national budget through a string of measures that will boil down to cheaper fares and world class infrastructure.

Two of the main demands that Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel has conveyed to the finance ministry are: abolition of withholding tax on leased aircraft and classifying aviation turbine fuel (ATF) as declared goods to reduce its cost.

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Shrinidhi Haribal spoke out against fraud and corruption today. He said "It is a wrong way of looking Nike Tech Fleece Shorts White


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