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Despite its quieter appearance compared to Hilltop, the same was true for Old Town. Julie Gusy, owner of The Little Red Shed, and her employee Tina Anderson said business has been great the past few days. Candles and gift certificates are the hot last minute item there, they said.

Nike Winter Jackets Soccer

Nike Winter Jackets Soccer

"Fun" perhaps isn't the word most people associate with shopping on the weekend before Christmas, especially when you tack on travel advisories and bitter cold. But people who hadn't completed their Christmas lists were up against deadline Sunday. Neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night would have kept shoppers away from retail centers.

Becky Bernin and her two kids had it together Sunday afternoon.

"I usually get done (early)," she said. "But I'll have one or two last minute things to do."

Technically, yes, they were last minute shoppers, venturing out into the single digits and drifting snow to fill in those little gaps Nike T Shirts For Men 2017

There were no long lines. No power struggles over the last of a sought after item on the shelves. She even had her pick of Nike Winter Jackets Soccer stalls to park in right outside the front door.

Nike Winter Jackets Soccer

Nike Winter Jackets Soccer

If the rest of the Sunday shoppers could have seen her, Bernin surely would have been the envy of many.

in the Christmas shopping list. But, unlike hundreds of thousands of other shoppers this weekend across the country, they were not in anything resembling a state of panic.

And rather than taking on the mall which was overrun with vehicles circling the parking lot and pedestrians pushing full carts of last minute goods she opted for Enchanted Forest in Old Town for its assortment of Minnesota made items, which she knew her aunt in law would appreciate.

Weber wasn't even finding the things he was looking for, mostly because he wasn't exactly sure what he should be looking for. His wife likes to be surprised, meaning no lists to put him at ease. He was thinking about getting her a new toaster, but that didn't scream romance. By the time of his doughnut break, a check mark had yet to be placed beside her name.

"I always do this," he said. "I'm always that guy who waits till the very last minute when the prices are the highest and the people are the crankiest."

Bernin had just a couple of things to purchase. Poring over the beautifully packaged gifts at home, she realized she could have done a little better by her husband's aunt, who lives Nike Leggings Pink Stripe

Across the street at Enchanted Forest, a lot of people like Bernin have been after the Minnesota made items, said owner Denise Fitterer. She helped one man put together a large gift basket of Minnesota things for his in laws from Oregon.

Nike Winter Jackets Soccer

and curse himself for being "that guy."

Nike Winter Jackets Soccer

Nike Winter Jackets Soccer

Nike Winter Jackets Soccer

Carl Weber, on the other hand, had about 20 last minute things to do. Admittedly, he most definitely did not have it together Sunday. About halfway through his shopping nightmare on Hilltop, he stopped to get gas and a doughnut Nike Dri Fit Socks Orange

Nike Winter Jackets Soccer

in the Twin Cities.

´╗┐Shoppers push the deadline

Nike Winter Jackets Soccer

Nike Winter Jackets Soccer

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