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"I still scared Nike Windrunner Pants Black to go back to school," Carranza said.

Two prayer services were scheduled for Tuesday night at Roswell Calvary Baptist and First Baptist churches. Pastor Chris Mullennix of Calvary Baptist said parents were worried and heartbroken, but there was a sense among many he spoke with that the community would be able to come together.

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Roswell has a population of about 50,000. It is a center for ranching and farming, and is home to the New Mexico Military Institute, the only state supported military college in the West. The city is perhaps best known as the site of an alleged UFO crash in 1947.

Mullennix said the prayer services will start the healing process.

Officials at University Medical Center in Lubbock, Texas, said an 11 year old boy was flown there in critical condition and a 13 year old girl arrived in serious condition.

He was "quickly stopped by one staff member who walked right up to him and asked him to set down the firearm, which he did," Martinez said.

The governor said a staff member received very minor injuries but declined medical care because he wanted to stay and help.

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Classes were later canceled and won resume until Thursday.

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people to the core," he told The Associated Press. "We not talking about a flesh wound or just a mental wound. We talking about the very souls of people being shaken and rocked by something like this."

At the mall, parents waited anxiously. Some held hands, while others hugged each other.

In the hours after the shooting, social media sites were flooded with sentiments offering prayers for the community. Some Berrendo students posted on their Facebook sites that they were frightened and didn want to return to school.

Odiee Carranza, an eighth grader at Berrendo, said she was walking to the school gym when the suspect bumped into her as he rushed past. She told him to be careful, and he apologized and continued on. The boy ran to the gym, where he pulled a gun from a band instrument case and fired at the students.

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the 10 seconds that transpired from the time of this thing starting until the teacher had control of the weapon, there was no cowardice," Burris said. "There was protection for our kids. Everyone acted and did their duties today at Berrendo Middle School."

´╗┐shoots 2 classmates at school

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Carranza described the shooter as a "smart kid and a nice kid."

(AP) A 12 year old New Mexico boy drew a shotgun from a band instrument case and shot and wounded two classmates at his middle school Tuesday morning before a teacher talked him into dropping the weapon and he was taken into custody, officials and witnesses said.

The students were in the gym, where they typically hang out before classes start during cold and inclement weather, she said.

lot of answers as of yet," Kassetas said, adding police believe they have the only individual responsible for the shooting in custody. The suspect name was not released.

Gov. Susana Martinez said a boy was critically injured and a girl was in serious condition following the shooting at Berrendo Middle School in Roswell.

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Superintendent Tom Burris said the school faculty had participated in active shooter training, and they responded appropriately Tuesday.

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"This is tragic but yet people in Roswell are tough, and people in Roswell will recover because we do have a sense of community, and I think that really important," he said.

"I want to make sure the community knows there really nobody else out there," Kassetas said. The school was placed on lockdown and children were bused to a nearby mall, where parents picked them up.

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Nike Windrunner Pants Black

Student Gabby Vasquez said the boy who was shot "was really nice, got along with everybody." Hospital officials said Tuesday afternoon that the 11 year old underwent surgery but was still in critical condition. He estimated more than 100 students and faculty members needed to be interviewed.

Information from nurses treating the boy indicates he was the shooter target, hospital spokesman Eric Finley said. There was some confusion about the boy age, but Finley said his parents told the hospital he is 11.

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"Then he shot up in the sky, then dropped the gun, and then some teacher grabbed the kid that had the gun," Carranza said.

Nike Windrunner Pants Black

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