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Nike Trouser Price

"It's about that whole idea of trying to create a visual presence," Hodge Nike Leggings Images

"Sometimes you have to do a lot of work before you can pull the curtains," she added.

stop and doling out some TLC, too just not in the more outwardly visible sense.

"All in all, we've had some decent progress, but it's a huge project and it will take a huge sum of money to restore it to its former glory," Parker said. "In the meantime, we're just trying to figure out with community and with the RAILS group what we can do short term."

said. "We've just got to come up with more creative solutions and solidify the station's presence in West Oakland. It can be a symbol of us moving forward."

After a flurry of activity two years ago by a nonprofit formed to oversee the station's restoration, it seemed as though the old outpost at 16th and Wood streets was continuing to attract attention only as a canvas for taggers and vandals who incessantly scrawled their messages on its granite walls.

Bridge Housing CEO Cynthia Parker said the nonprofit, RAILS, short for Restoration Association for Improving the Landmark 16th Street Station, has also been working behind the scenes to develop an interim plan and budget that will be used to host events and attract more interest in the building until it is fully restored. The complete restoration and complex build out is conservatively estimated to run about $58 million, but it would take much less than that to stabilize the building and spruce it up so that periodic events can be held there, she said.

Nike Trouser Price

Nike Trouser Price

It turns out, however, that folks are in fact paying attention to the lonely old rail Nike Crew Socks Mid Cut

Nike Trouser Price

Nike Trouser Price

The Oakland City Council voted two years ago to spend $400,000 in redevelopment funds to pay for a six month feasibility study and other predevelopment costs and a nonprofit entity was formed to oversee the rehabilitation and reuse of the station. Fox Theater developer Phil Tagami was hired to prepare the study, which includes a structural analysis and recommendations, schematic plans, architectural analysis, surveys, environmental evaluations, traffic studies and options for historic preservation of the station complex. The complex includes the main hall, baggage wing, signal station, plaza, rail platform and a proposed new building that will house local businesses and nonprofits.

Nike Trouser Price

The community has been involved in developing ideas to reuse the station and make it financially sustainable while also honoring West Oakland's cultural and historic legacy. Ideas include a museum, event space, cafe, and job training center.

The beautiful gray granite landmark, with its three large curved windows, balustrade along the roofline and matching wings on either side of the main great hall, is still a sight to behold, despite the years of neglect and vandalism that destroyed the lovely landscape, murals, chandeliers and other features.

"Things are actually moving," he said. "It may not show, and it wouldn't unless you've been inside."

The roof and walls have been repaired to stop water from leaking in, screens have been installed around the front facade to keep pigeons Nike Trouser Price from getting through and pooping all over, and the baggage room has been cleared out, said Greg Hodge, a West Oakland neighbor who is a member of the Train Station Partnership, a group formed to save the station and guide its reuse. A draft report outlining the station's needs has been forwarded to city staff, and a request for some funding likely will go to the City Council in the next few months.

Nike Trouser Price

Trying to stop the graffiti, however, might be a losing battle until the station is fully occupied. Hodge said they are looking at ways to advertise the space and bring people down there, perhaps with a regular farmers' market on the plaza outside the station. They could even potentially stage a graffiti festival, similar to the annual event held at deFremery Park, where artists create panels based around a theme, in this case perhaps involving trains or transportation.

said. "We've been making some applications for money, so I'm very hopeful that we will be able to (get) some of that in the next few months.

"The city's film office has been helping shop around interest for using it as a location for filming, and there are other ideas for interim use such as food events, community events, things that will keep the building alive in people's minds while we work on the longer term plan," Parker Nike Leggings Green

´╗┐shutter train depot getting attention from taggers

The station served as a terminus for the African American migration to the West, and it also played an important role in history of the Pullman Sleeping Car Porters, the first black labor union in the country. It was damaged in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and closed for good not long after.

Nike Trouser Price

It was designed by Chicago architect Jarvis Hunt, and opened in 1921. The main hall is more than 7,000 square feet, the baggage room is 5,240 square feet, and two rooms off the baggage wing contain 1,350 and 1,280 square feet, respectively. There are also seven other small spaces inside the station.

Nike Trouser Price

Nike Trouser Price

Nike Trouser Price

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