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You also learn a bunch of basics in a relatively regimented way. So, and employeer has a reasonable expectation that you know the fundamentals of your field, and they will have to teach you just the specifics. Certainly, it would be more expedient for you to just learn everything you specifically need to know to do that job. But few employeers are willing to make that investment.

And before anyone jumps on me about not needing to go to college to learn everything you can learn in an MBA program (or any program for that matter), I agree with that statement. But, 99% of the people who tell me that they can learn all that stuff on their own never bother to do so.

Many years ago, when I first hired on with Shell Oil, with a degree, one of the first things they did was to send us to a nine week, full time course on exploration geophysics. Not many employeers make that kind of investment these days.

Nike Trouser For Men

Nike Trouser For Men

College may not provide them all the answers, but as long as my kids are serious about getting Nike Sports Pants Mens

Nike Trouser For Men

Nike Trouser For Men

1. Person starts his education anticipating a certain field, and by the time his 10 years of education is done, the field is no longer ripe to enter.

Tom K your post has many arguable points beginning with your first line "a college education is worth every penney". Baloney!! We all know grads where their education turned out to NOT be worth every penney. You can make an absolute statement like that. Here are a few that don qualify under your absolute.

a cosmetologists license and I sure she making more than my son fiance. Go figure.

Easy question. A college education is worth every penny and then some and my kids will certainly have that opportunity. I never would have gotten as far as I have without my degrees. You can always find your exceptions but if you look at the data, college educated people, on average, are far more successful and make far more money than non college educated inviduals. Some students take some time to find their way and their priority but there is no way I would deprive my children of that opportunity.

Nike Trouser For Men

NCMark I rented to those same types and I agree. There are many books written on the fallacy of providing too much for your kids. Edelman, one of my faves even covers it with stats in a book.

J Scott I have no degree and have been quite successful. I also know TONS of grads that aren successful or didn use their degree to their benefit, and ended up in an unrelated field that in many cases did even require a degree. For those, the money spent , might have been better spent on buying or starting a business.

The ones who have some skin in the game, as in _having_ to work to pay for some or all of their education get real quick either realizing that college is not for them or buckling down and working their asses off to reach their goals.

Your comment that college educated people are more successful and make more money is also dubious.

work for a company(like Shell), take their 9 week boot camp and discover they hate it? Then what do they do with that degree?

´╗┐Should U Send Your Kids to College

Jon H what about all the other grads that get a degree, go to Nike Sweatpants Cuffed

an education, I hate for them not to have the opportunity.

Nike Trouser For Men

Let me give you my perspective from renting to college kids for over two decades.

I always felt that college does a good job of teaching someone to go to work for someone else. Only a few years ago, during my lifetime, USC was one of the few schools that EVEN taught an Entrepreneurship degree. Now, many have them. Before, it might have been very beneficial to not have gone to college and not to have spent 4 8 yrs, in college if you wanted to go into business for yourself.

2. The professionals (lawyers, dentists etc) that determine they just don like what they doing, and change to a non professional field and love it. Their 100 of thousands in costs and loans for the degree weren worth it.

First, if you saying that the money is apt to be more, maybe so. Those aren as clear cut as decades before when that was written. Do you know what an auto worker makes compared to a school teacher? Take out the expenses of college for 8 years and give the auto worker the 8 year head start and see where the teacher catches up, if ever, in money earned.

As for using the $$$ for real estate instead, the most successful real estate investors I know got college degrees (and MBAs), so if my kids want to go into real estate, I think college is a perfect opportunity to Nike Trouser For Men hone those skills.

Nike Trouser For Men

Nike Trouser For Men

Actually, I think the main thing a degree shows a potential employer is that you willing to keep your nose to the grindstone long enough to earn the degree. That gives some assurance you won flake out on the job.

that at present.)

As a father of 6 and grand father of a few more, I still stick to my previous post. A little more info.

Spending $100K on a university education is a waste of money, IMHO. Even with residential costs, a state college will be closer to $50K. Unless they going to a top name school, I don think there any difference between a degree from one institution or another.

Cain has the right idea. If you can live at home and at least get the basic courses out of the way, you can do it cheaper still.

"Being successful" also differs depending on your definition, imo. A teacher would have to love the job to compensate for low pay. They are underpaid, imo. Yet, they might be considered VERY successful.

Years later I seen some of my ex college tenants working at car lots, selling yellow page ads or, most recently, moving back home to work in daddy Cold Stone Creamery.

As to whether or not a degree is useful, I torn. Certainly, I couldn be where I am without my degrees. OTOH, my son finance just graduated with an English degree and she working at the mall. My daughters only a year out of high school with Nike Down Jacket Navy

Nike Trouser For Men

Nike Trouser For Men

3. The medical person that is just coming into field and finds new regs turning it upside down and changing what it was when they started their education. (I have a daughter finding

Unfortunately, the majority of students I come into contact with are getting a degree in and are simply squandering their time and their parents money.

I have a Trust set up for my grand kids to draw from for their choice of things. IT will help them get a start, but they have to have skin in the game. Upon certain conditions, they may use it for any of the following up to a certain amount.

Nike Trouser For Men

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