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Another way to do it is to buy the house in a disposable LLC. Add your end buyer before closing as a manager to the LLC and then after closing sell all your interest in the LLC to your end buyer. However I not an attorney and I not giving legal advice. In Colorado this could still be a violation of the Colorado Foreclosure Protection Act.

My escrow company and I take the position that as long as you don sign a deed restriction any document between the borrower and their lender doesn affect title after recording of the deed.

´╗┐Short sale undercontract

What I would do is one of 2 things. Terminate your contract and submit your end buyers contract in your place for the same amount. Have a separate agreement with your end buyer that they agree to pay you the money as a finders fee outside of closing.

I might lose out completely because I just dont have the money down. If i can make some money instead of no money, that would be good. I think it can be flipped very fast at 210 230k.

Nike Tracksuit Bottoms

Nike Tracksuit Bottoms

If you have to hold due to a lender you then have to mitigate the cost to hold by a lower value.

Do you already have a buyer for the property?

I be interested to know if any BP contributors have been successful recently with double closings. it is most certainly still possible to do a

Commonly, as with my recent transaction. Buyers(the middle men) came in and closed with hard money and then immediately(actually, 31 days later as the lender put a 30 day hold on title) re sold it. They cleared nearly 30k in profits which is uncommon in my experience as of recent. I think they just got lucky.

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The worse the property the more concessions a lender is willing to accept which is why I try to stick to crappy properties on my shorts. Entries are Limited.1. What is the added cost to double close?

Nike Tracksuit Bottoms

I don think I derailed your thread. Others most certainly will Nike Tracksuit Bottoms have their opinion. I just don believe someone should sign an agreement without the ability to fulfill it. Certainly situations change however going into an agreement knowingly without that ability IMHO is wrong.

Naturally some lenders request buyers sign resell limitations however its not a requirement only a negotiated item.

Here is a quick explanation. I put in an offer on a short sale and im looking into the future if it gets accepted. Purchase price 160,000. Its worth at an absolute minimum 210k but more likely 240 270. Its a duplex that is rented out at 2100/mo. Its 4100 sq ft total. This is ca near palm springs. Looks like recently updated and I actually think those rents Nike Trousers For Men

Entering into an agreement to purchase without any idea how to close is unprofessional

2. Is there a way to double close if you do no thave the full downpayment to close the first closing?

are about 5 10% under market but thats sort of going off track. Its in good excellent condition with tenants in place and not too old, like 87. b or b+ neighboorhood. I have 20k but letter says i need 32k down. I really want this for myself but Nike Shorts Running

You may want to solicit hard money thru the BP site. Better to close and flip and make SOME cash than to fail to close your deal and make NONE, I suppose.

I certainly hope that not the montra for wholesaling. Certainly one doesn have to have the cash to close however they should have the ability. that ability could be by reselling the agreement to purchase however shame on the investor who has zero clue Nike Winter Coats Womens

Nike Tracksuit Bottoms

The lender is going to require a POF within days anyway so unless you going to be able to prove then why start the process.

Nike Tracksuit Bottoms

I not sure any title company would be comfy with double closings these days. I used to do them often just an extra Deed at closing in a 2 part series of signatures. Necessarily, YOU will be on the first Deed as Buyer and the second as Seller, personally.

I believe the terms double close and back to back have been synonymous with using the end buyers funds which I agree that no title company would do that anymore. Especially since most lenders restrict your ability to do that through their approval letters. I guess it would be the difference on how the term is perceived.

Nike Tracksuit Bottoms

I dont get what you mean by "Certainly one doesn have to have the cash to close however they should have the ability." The ability if no buyers come through? That means, you need cash. If you are wholesaling, you cant close every property you put under contract, you can not guarantee anything and are making no gaurantee of the sort. And with trying to wholesale a short sale it appears you DO have to have the cash to close and thats what is being discussed. Anyways, you are derailing my thread which means I probably wont get my questions answered but thanks for your opinion.

I helped a colleague of mine(I acted as the Realtor) just a few weeks ago. Of course, nowadays, you don use the end buyers funds to close your A B and its really no more than 2 separate transactions.

The bank may have a restriction as well. Most banks will have you sign an addendum to the contract or an anti flip affidavit. I typically don wholesale my short sales because this will be a big problem. the short sale banks are considering double closing fraud.

Nike Tracksuit Bottoms

how or if they can close.

Nike Tracksuit Bottoms

Nike Tracksuit Bottoms

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