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Sheridan College currently turns away two students for every one accepted into the school's machine tools and welding programs, and three students for every one accepted into its diesel technology program.

An expansion to the college would require more teachers, Smith said. A local foundation pledged to match up to $1 million to support four more faculty positions for the next five years.

Craig welds now for Vacutech, a vacuum manufacturer in Sheridan, with another Sheridan College graduate. Vacutech shop foreman Dakota Ramey followed a very different path to Sheridan College than Craig.

The $15.8 million bond ballot measure is the only item on the ballot at regular polling sites in Sheridan County on Aug. 20.

Sheridan County voters will decideAug.

Mark Kinner, chairman of the college's political action committee, said Sheridan has historically recognized upkeep to public infrastructure including colleges as investments in the future.

classes in high school. He has always loved welding and did his research before picking Sheridan College from a list of programs.

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Two teachers worked with about 17 Nike Tech Fleece Shorts Polka Dot students in each class, Craig said. She took turns with her classmates during weld tests because there were not enough machines to test all at once. The lack of space and equipment slowed the class down, she said. She felt she could have been more productive.

´╗┐Sheridan County voters will decide on expansion of college technical education

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"That's the need," said Wendy Smith, the college's director of marketing and public information. "We just need those that are supportive to take the action to vote."

Still, the property tax hike is a tax something to which Wyomingites have historically been averse.

know that people want to bring companies to Wyoming," Sheridan College President Paul Young said. "Really the only thing standing in our way is lack of trained workforce."

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"Sheridan College is one of the better colleges out there," Ramey said. "All of the instructors have a lot of experience themselves in the field."

College officials say it's a critical time for the school, which currently turns away perfectly qualified students because it doesn't have enough space.

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Nike Tech Fleece Shorts Polka Dot

Nike Tech Fleece Shorts Polka Dot

The bond measure would pay for renovations to the school's existing Technical Education Center, which houses programs to train students in welding, construction trades and diesel and machine tool technologies. The $15.8 million bond which the college estimates to take no more than 16 years to pay off would also fund additions totaling another 27,200 square feet of space for the facility.

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"It's a tax," Smith said. "At a time when everything is tight, it's difficult to ask people to support an additional tax."Amanda Craig remembers waiting for up to an hour to use the grinder in her welding class at Sheridan College.

"Employers are crying for trained help," Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey said. "Every student coming out of there has a job."

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"I'm just really blown away by the whole program," she said. "I would have no idea what to do if it wasn't for the basic knowledge and the practice that I took in the welding program."

Ramey took vocational tech Nike Tee Shirts Mens

for its campaign, Kinner said: No student should be turned away due to a lack of space.

Still, Craig credits Sheridan College for her transformation from a young woman who had used a screwdriver only twice in her life into a professional welder who graduated in May at the top of her class.

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The proposed expansion, he said, would increase the already hands on nature of instruction in the technical education programs.

Sheridan County residents will vote in the coming weeks on whether to increase their property taxes to pay for a $15.8 million renovation and expansion to a technical education facility at Sheridan College.

A host of small manufacturing companies call Sheridan home today, he said. Their single greatest need, according to Kinskey, is skilled laborers.

Sheridan's City Council was first to respond to the foundation's call for pledges, Smith said. The city donated $250,000 from its 1 cent sales tax fund to help pay for additional teaching positions at the college.

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Nike Tech Fleece Shorts Polka Dot

The PAC, called Supporters of Sheridan College, developed a simple motto Nike T Shirt For Womens

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