Nike Tech Fleece Shorts Grey

Nike Tech Fleece Shorts Grey

If it weren't for the new Shadow Plus XTR rear derailleur, XT might have fully caught up with its Shimano's flagship group, but according to Matt Robertson the "Plus" feature of the new rear derailleur is plenty enough to keep XTR out front as the leader.

With today's introduction of the new XT (M780 in Shimano speak) the OG complete mountain bike group now boasts double ring crank options (a la XTR), redesigned Race and Trail type pedals (miming the features of the latest XTR options), multi release index shifting that allows for multiple trigger shifts at a pull (a feature XTR has had for two generations now) and two wheelset options (nearly identical in spec to the 19mm wide XTR Race wheels and the 21mm wide XTR Trail wheelst with optional 142x12 rear axle).

Take everything you know and love about XTR Race and XTR Trail, slap an XT Logo on it, and say hello to Shimano's strongest mountain bike group ever. That's the short version. Of course it's not quite that simple, but it's pretty dang close. Close enough for Shiamano's mountain bike product manager Matt Robertson to gush that the latest iteration of XT is "the greatest mountain bike group ever."

Nike Tech Fleece Shorts Grey

Nike Tech Fleece Shorts Grey

you're going over bumps, and with it on it really does offer a whole different experience. You find yourself riding faster, with better focus."

"Basically, this derailleur will change your life," says Robertson. "What it does is pretty cool in terms of both chain control and chain noise it's a unique experience not to have that noise, because it's always been there, on ever single ride you've ever done."

Nike Tech Fleece Shorts Grey

Nike Tech Fleece Shorts Grey

Last but not least, XT's new brakes sport the full bevy of XTR brake features rolled out last season, including 22mm ceramic pistons, high pressure hoses, radiator backed brake pads and alloy core IceTech rotors now available for the first time as a 6 bolt option. Oh, and it's available in silver or black, too.

For most mountain bikers, Shimano still says a 24 32 42 triple ring crank is the way to go.

Shimano XT cranks are available in two two by options for the first time: 40/28 and 38/26. While the XTR 38/26 combo doesn work with some tight clearance 29er frames, XT sports slightly more clearance.

Nike Tech Fleece Shorts Grey

So what's the big deal? A subtle little orange button that engages a ratcheting one way friction mechanism that Shimano calls the Stabilizer. Coupled with a higher friction pivot, Shimano claims the design dramatically quiets the derailleur performance and increases chain stability.

Sure, the last revision of XTR is still lighter than Nike T Shirt Green

Shimano rolls out a revamped XT group that thinks it's XTR; Ice Tech alloy core rotors in 6 bolt and the all new XTR "Shadow Plus"

When XTR got a comprehensive re tooling last season, XT got a small dose of Dyna Sys with the M770 update, but it ended with the drivetrain. The changes really only amounted to shifters, an asymmetrical 10 speed chain, a wide range 10 speed cassette and a tighter ratio 22 32 42 triple crank.

Nike Tech Fleece Shorts Grey

Nike Tech Fleece Shorts Grey

´╗┐Shimano Pushes XT to New Heights

Nike Tech Fleece Shorts Grey

mountain bike brand product managers rode the new rear derailleur for the first time yesterday, and media will get their first rides starting at Sea Otter. Pro riders including Mark Weir, Jason Moeschler, Hans Rey and Brian Lopes all are on the program, and Shimano has high expectations for the product.

In fact Lopes has already competed with the new XTR Shadow Plus. "He raced Super D on it at Fontana last week," says Robertson. "We didn't know he was going to race on it, and if we did we would have told him not to, but he won."

Nike Tech Fleece Shorts Grey

Shimano Pushes XT to New Heights; Debuts XTR Shadow Plus/// THE BEST SHIMANO XT GROUPSET EVER?

Previous generation XT levers with Servo Wave were no slouch, but now that they adopted one way bleeding and the compact design of the latest XTR, they even more competitive. Let just hope Shimano finally figured out how to make the Stroke adjustment work.

Shimano XT picks up the multiple release trigger feature that XTR has hoarded for years. It shown here with the optional I spec option for mounting on the same perch as a brake lever.

The M780 Shimano XT group is as close to XTR as it has ever been.

Most major Nike Shorts Black And White

The new XT M780 brake gets a two piece caliper, not a one piece forged job like XTR, but it does recieve back loading radiator fin pads, alloy core IceTech rotors and picks up a little extra power, too.

the new XT kit, but not by a landslide. And while XTR may have a fancier finish quality, XT has pretty much caught up in terms of features. (In fact, the only major feature separating the new group from its big brother is the "Shadow Plus" aspect of the new XTR rear derailleur, but more on that later down the page.) With features pretty well equalized, the best part of the new XT kit jumps right out at you: It's (still) a helluva lot more affordable than XTR.

XT picks up a new trail pedal designshown for the first time at Sea Otterthat boasts 10 times the contact area as the outgoing XT pedal. There also a version with a more traditional SPD profile with 5 times the contact area. Even though this picture is of a prototype, the new XT is fully baked, and will be shipping to bike Nike Tech Fleece Shorts Grey shops by mid summer.

"You really have to go out there and try it because you're so used to the trail beating up on you, and with the quiet drivetrain you have new confidence to put your feet harder on the pedals, and sort of give it back to the trail," Robertson says. "You really will only ever want to turn it off to change the wheel because it's just hard to get it out of there when you have it in the friction mode. And maybe if you're climbing for hours and hours, but even when you're climbing Nike Dri Fit Sleeveless

Shimano new XTR Shadow Plus, with a ratcheting one way friction mechanism dubbed the the parallelogram and quiets drivetrain chatter on the trail. Shimano claims that little gold button is the ticket to a whole new ride, and the company must really believe it to roll out a product that more expensive and heavier ($250; 210 grams) than the current Shadow XTR ($220; 177 grams).

Nike Tech Fleece Shorts Grey

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