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and a 1099C is how that is done.

Also, while in BK, the deficiency is cosidered a liability, therefore the court may find the debtor to not be required to repay the deficiency amount. In a rental property scenario where the loans are purchase money, usually the losses will be wiped out. However, if there was some leveraging going on including co mingling, the debotr may have to Nike Socks Men

Nike Tech Fleece Parka

Nike Tech Fleece Parka

Unless the debtor has received a deficiency judgment, the debtor should assume that the lender has issued a 1099C even if he did not actually receive it. Stuff does get lost or destroyed in the mail. The lender is required to report forgiven debt to the IRS Nike Socks High

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If the debtor financial hardship is such that he can not keep up with the repayment plan, then the debtor can proceed to CH 7 to have his debts discharged.

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For example, le say a debtor sold everything he owned and used all the liquidation proceeds to pay off his debts If he would still owe $50K, that $50K is the amount of the debtor insolvency. If the short sale results in $100K of forgiven debt, then the IRS will exclude the first $50K from income under insolvency relief provisions of the tax code, but the remaining $50K of forgiven debt is still taxable as ordinary income.

Typically, the lenders will file an exception (i forget the name of the motion) with the court to have the properties removed since they are not assets.

´╗┐Shortsale Deficiency in BK

Nike Tech Fleece Parka

There are many variables and many scenario but I doubt the debtor will walk away without some liability. Generally, they will be required to repay at least a portion of the loss.

repay a portion.

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The foreclosure has already happened, and the lender already has title. A redemption period gives the defaulting borrower a certain amount of time to pay the lender the full amount of his defaulted loan plus all arrearages and costs of foreclosure.

Insolvency Nike Tech Fleece Parka only comes into play when debt is forgiven. Insolvency does not remove a deficiency judgment nor release any lien created by the judgment.

If the 1099C is issued, there is no income tax consequence for the debtor for the debt that was forgiven up to the amount of insolvency. The amount of forgiven debt that exceeds the insolvency is still taxable income to the debtor.

understanding is that the foreclosure freezes. For now. So now the bank is likely to file to have this removed from the bankruptcy, right.

Originally posted by Steele Propp:Curious, have a situation in Minnesota where the redemption period was just ending on a foreclosure. Owners file bankruptcy the last day.

Remember, the lender already has title as a result of the foreclosure. The lender is no longer attempting to collect a debt.

Nike Tech Fleece Parka

When the lender approves a short sale, the sale proceeds are insufficient to pay off the outstanding loan balance. The lender can ask the borrower to sign a new promissary note for the deficiency amount, seek a deficiency judgment against the debtor, or forgive the debt and issue a 1099C. The lender can not issue the 1099C and seek a deficiency judgment; one or the other, but not both at the same time.

The bankruptcy filing itself is sufficient proof of insolvency and the extent of insolvency, unless the BK was dismissed. Since we are talking about a CH 13, and a short sale has not taken place yet, a deficiency judgment has not happened. Assuming the BK court allows the short sale, the pragmatic lender will issue a 1099C in lieu of seeking a deficiency judgment, Should the lender get the BK court approval to obtain a deficiency judgment, the judgment will be added to the debtor repayment plan and not discharged.

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If not, what does the bank do to regain this asset from an obvious stall tactic?

In the normal course of events, absent a BK proceeding .

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Originally posted by nationwidepi:What needs to be done is have their CPA prove they were insolvent at the time of the short sale which would remove the deficiency, if it was in fact filed.

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Even if the former homeowner files bankruptcy just before the end of the redemption period, the lender has no claims upon the former homeowner. There is nothing for the BK court to stay as far as the lender is concerned. I don see that a bankruptcy filing a few days before the end of the redemption period has any affect upon the lender ability to market and sell the property once the redemption period expires.

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