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Sheriff investigators want to copy and save all the data contained in the smart phone used by Zahau, 32, in the days and weeks before she was found hanging from a balcony at the Coronado mansion.

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SAN DIEGO (CBS8) The San Diego County Sheriff Department has opened a new examination of data contained in the cell phone of Rebecca Zahau, the woman found hanging at the Spreckels mansion July 13.

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Rebecca Zahau cell phone logs show she engaged in a series of phone conversations and traded text messages in the hours before her hanging.

"If we could have gotten it (the voicemail), yes, it would have been helpful but it was not critical to the case," said Lt. Nesbit.

memory, forensic investigators follow complex protocols that dictate when the phone should be powered on, and how voicemail messages should be retrieved.

Unfortunately, Zahau phone was relatively new and examiners were unable to identify a software package that would properly copy the phone data, Lt. Nesbit said.

Zahau family attorney Anne Bremner questioned why detectives never tried to retrieve the deleted voicemail from AT information is that you can retrieve that kind of data and I would hope that if they doing a forensic examination of the phone, that they would also make an attempt to get the information that was erased," Bremner said.

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Nesbit said because they had possession of the phone itself, there was no need to subpoena Rebecca call logs.

"It constitutes a new examination of the evidence," Lt. Nesbit told News 8.

In order to preserve evidence stored in the phone Nike Gray Sweatpants Womens

"If it leads us to new information that relevant to the case, then yes, you could consider that a re opening of the case," Nesbit said.

Rebecca Zahau cell phone logs show she engaged in a series of phone conversations and traded text messages in the hours before her hanging.

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News 8 has learned Sheriff detectives never attempted to recover a deleted voicemail message, which Nesbit confirmed was left for Zahau by her boyfriend Jonah Shacknai, 54, hours before she died.

Nesbit explained further that the voicemail "is not stored on the phone itself but once it deleted from Nike Tech Fleece Pants Cropped the phone, after a certain number of days it also deleted from the AT server; and at that point it had been at least a week and she (the detective) knew that it was no longer on the server."

"We have now obtained, apparently, some new technology to examine the phone and the phone is being examined with that new technology," Lt. Nesbit said.

seeking clarification on the company ability to retrieve deleted voicemail messages.

To date, sheriff investigators have served no search warrants or subpoenas on AT seeking to obtain either the deleted voicemail or call logs related to Rebecca Zahau phone, according to Lt. Nesbit.

"We had the phone in custody and if the case had gotten to a point where we needed to obtain other records, we would have done another search warrant to obtain those records," said Nesbit.

A spokesperson for AT did not respond to repeated News 8 messages Nike Shorts For Women

´╗┐Sheriff launches forensic exam of Zahau's cell phone

Records reveal final cell phone calls to Rebecca ZahauRecords reveal final cell phone calls to Rebecca ZahauUpdated: Thursday, September 22 2011 3:01 AM EDT2011 09 22 07:01:03 GMT

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Nike Tech Fleece Pants Cropped

Nike Tech Fleece Pants Cropped

Lt. Nesbit said experts within his agency recently identified the technology they needed to begin a forensic download and examination.

On Sept. 2, investigators ruled Zahau hanging death a suicide.

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Zahau Samsung Focus Windows Phone, which operated on an AT wireless plan, was recovered from the mansion via search warrant on July 13.

In the early days of the investigation, Jonah Shacknai told detectives he had left the voicemail message, Lt. Nesbit recalled.

Sheriff homicide Lt. Larry Nesbit said that within the past week technology experts from his department started using newly identified software to download data from Zahau phone for forensic review.

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"Once we found out that Nike Aeroloft Women

Investigators have said the voicemail may have caused Zahau to commit suicide, because the message allegedly informed her that Shacknai 6 year old son, Max, would not survive injuries he suffered during a fall at the mansion while under Zahau care.

the technology did not exist to forensically examine the phone, the detective manually opened the phone and learned that the message had been deleted; and she knew from prior case experience that if the message had been deleted from the phone, it would not have been stored on an AT server," Nesbit said.

Zahau smart phone still contains text messages, a history of incoming and outgoing phone calls, and a journal she had written months before her death, Sheriff officials said.

Nike Tech Fleece Pants Cropped

Nike Tech Fleece Pants Cropped

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