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Nike Tech Fleece Pant Women's


"The creation of this fund will hopefully prompt someone to break their silence that may be holding that key piece of information that could help us break this case," Gulledge said.

She was dragging herself back toward the trail, police said, when Peter Skott of Acworth saw her while he was riding his bike.

Gulledge said he hopes the fund will help investigators, who still don't have any suspects in the case, find some answers.

´╗┐Sheriff sets up reward fund for beaten Nike Sleeveless Shirt

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Nike Tech Fleece Pant Women's

Nike Tech Fleece Pant Women's

HIRAM Paulding County Sheriff Gary Gulledge has set up a reward fund in the name of Tina Waddell, 42, who was found severely beaten on the Silver Comet Trail last week.

Every bone in Waddell's face was broken after she was attacked, family members told the media.

Henson said the sheriff's office is waiting on a few large donations from people who wish to remain anonymous in the next few days, so he did not have an estimate yet of how much money had been raised.

Nike Tech Fleece Pant Women's

The fund, which is at the Bank of North Georgia branch in Hiram, was set up to help investigators find a suspect in the case, said Cpl. Ashley Henson, spokesman for the sheriff's office.

Nike Tech Fleece Pant Women's

Nike Tech Fleece Pant Women's

"This is a fund that will be overseen by the sheriff and will only be given to people who help with finding the individual or individuals that were involved in this incident," Henson said.

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Nike Tech Fleece Pant Women's

I don't know who would pay for the excellent suggestion I am about to make, but sometimes precautions just have to be paid for. For example, there are now fences on overpasses so people can't jump off them. Somebody (us) paid for that. The Silver Comet trail should have fences like the one on Spring Road right near Cumberland Vet Clinic where there are woods to be snatched into on a visible part of the trail on Spring Road, where there are woods that somebody could be snatched into, there is a tall discrete fence. That would work. It wouldn't be 100%, but it would make it where if somebody wanted to assault you while on the trail, they would have to assault you actually on the trail in full view of others possibly coming by because they would not be able to drag you into the woods because of the fence. Again, it is a tall and very discrete fence. Even Superman could not carry a person over that fence. I don't think Superman could even Nike Tech Fleece Pant Women's get over the fence. Food for thought.

Nike Tech Fleece Pant Women's


Nike Tech Fleece Pant Women's

Nike Tech Fleece Pant Women's

Funds may be donated to the Tina Waddell Reward Fund through Aug. 5, 2016 at Bank of North Georgia.

have been dragged into the woods and brutally attacked while running along the Silver Comet Trail in Paulding on July 29. Waddell could only describe her attacker as a white person with dark hair who beat her near the bridge that spans Academy Drive.

Nike Tech Fleece Pant Women's

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