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potential rentals or buyers. That's what everybody wants. I took down a wall in one of my units it made a huge difference in the overall look of the place. But it was "new" (1993) had no particular architectural interest.

Would the boost to eventualresale justify added cost?

character, but open concept," buyers out there :).

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Nike T Shirts Original

Nike T Shirts Original

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Would I get anything more in rent for the open plan?

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that modern feel) vs. the sectionalization (new word perhaps) of rooms. Yes, Nike T Shirts Original having smaller and more rooms is characteristic of certain older style homes, but I'm not sure that's what gave it it's classic feeling.

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Nike T Shirts Original

What do you think?In my humble (and often worthless) opinion, it's the colors and finishes of a house that give it that classic feel (or Nike Shorts Women Black

Nike T Shirts Original

Sigh . . . yes, it would be a great selling point for Nike Shorts For Ladies

The pros:It seems like that's what everyone says they want these days, the open kitchen. Might make the house feel more spacious overall.

´╗┐Should I open kitchen up to rest of house

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If it were my own home, I'd never do it. I've got this problem with tearing up oldhouses, destroying their original design. That makes me one in a hundred (maybe amillion!), I know. But what happens 20 years from now when the open concept layout is "so yesterday?" I guess we have to put the walls back in!

Hello all I bought and am gut rehabbing a 1923 Sears craftsman stylebungalow to hold as a rental.

The cons: A bit more work to revise the kitchendesign. More work to take the wall out case in the opening with nice wood. Much less uppercabinet space in the kitchen. Couldn't put microwave over the stove so would have to find a spot for it.

I am trying to rehab the house in the spirit of its 1920s design, andto make majorchanges only when they produce a real, indisputable improvement.

Provided it's in the budget and would add value to your project, I think there are ways to change the internal layout to be more appealing to most buyers, but keep that traditional feel they're after as well. I'm sure there are a ton of "I want classic Nike Leggings Cotton

Nike T Shirts Original

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