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"He was disengaged in past schools because the teachers were disengaged in him," Hernandez Freemire said of her son, who is now a 10th grader. "Jacob told me how excited he was because the teachers and the kids at Cumberland listened to him and took him seriously. Cumberland Nike Socks Long

The article praised the school's diversity, with international students coming from countries such as Taiwan, Italy, South Korea, Vietnam and Honduras. Nike Crew Socks Mens

"Cumberland is doing everything right," said Joanna Kimbrel, a teacher at the high school. "They don't just care about meeting standards, they care about the education of the individual."

Nike T Shirts Navy Blue

Nike T Shirts Navy Blue

Nike T Shirts Navy Blue

Nike T Shirts Navy Blue

Nike T Shirts Navy Blue

"I get this feeling that Cumberland is all about what they can do for your kids, never thinking about what they will get out of it," Hernandez Freemire said.

English as a second language classes are provided and students can live with a Christian family known as a "homestay family."

"We focus on helping our kids become the best they can be," he said. "We work hard for students most schools would leave behind."

"What's funny is an attorney told our founder he was going to fail when the school was young," Campbell explained. "No one would ever be able to create a Christian school for the middle class."

Cumberland Christian Academy in Austell has been listed as one of the top Christian high schools in the nation, according to an article by a website devoted to education. The reviews were based on academic standings, extracurricular activities and diversity. The resulting list was not a ranking, but a showcase of top schools, according to editor James Barham.

Campbell credits the school's success to simply putting the focus on the students.

Cumberland Christian Academy also offers its own online courses for home schooled students.

focused on the positives about my son."

Cumberland keeps its students busy with extracurricular activities such as photography, filmmaking, contemporary worship and instrumental ensembles, as well as field and mission trips.

in private schools."

The school now has three campuses with enrollment at the Nike T Shirts Navy Blue high school campus at about 300 students. Tuition for the upper school ranges from $4,000 to about $7,500.

´╗┐Shining bright Austell academy named a top Christian high school

Headmaster Lee Campbell said weekly chapels encourage students spiritually. Students of all ages participate in faith and community service projects, he said.

Nike T Shirts Navy Blue

Nike T Shirts Navy Blue

Nike T Shirts Navy Blue

"It really is impressive how diverse the student body is," Hernandez Freemire said. "You don't normally see that Nike Sports T Shirts

Nike T Shirts Navy Blue

Carmen Hernandez Freemire says she immediately picked up on the attention her son, Jacob, was receiving when he was accepted in 2012.

Cumberland was founded in 1989 and met in rented rooms in local churches. The teachers were supplied with used books, desks and equipment.

According to the article, the school uses an active college planning process, faculty is certified or obtaining certification, many have advanced degrees, and students have access to doctoral level mentors and state certified counselors.

Of the last four graduating classes, 100 percent went on to college with roughly $1 million in scholarship money, according to the article.

Nike T Shirts Navy Blue

The school's listing in the article doesn't come as a surprise to its staff.

Nike T Shirts Navy Blue

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