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Se under standards set forth in Georgia case law.

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"As a candidate for office, I expect cheap shots, but as a husband, I am going to stand up for my wife," he said.

"Furthermore your statement concerning Mrs. Shepherd being a 'mail order bride' constitutes both the tort of invasion of privacy by publicity which places one in a false light in the public eye and Libel Per Se. Mrs. Shepherd is not, Nike Parka Aeroloft

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And as for an apology from the Democratic Party of Georgia, the group released the following statement: "Mr. Shepherd sent out a press release today demanding apologies instead of explaining the circumstances behind his arrest for simple battery with physical harm. No one should apologize for pointing out that violence against women is unacceptable."

´╗┐Shepherd s lawyer calls blog attacks libelous

who describes the Web site as "the Democrat Party's mouthpiece blogsite," said it goes to show that the Democrat Party and its operatives will try to win at any cost, regardless of who they defame.

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Nike T Shirts Green

MARIETTA Jason Shepherd, the Republican candidate challenging state Rep. Terry Johnson (D Marietta) in the Nov. 2 election, came out swinging Tuesday in response to what he believes is a smear campaign by Democrats.

Shepherd is not just asking for a retraction from Goux. He also expects an apology from Jane Kidd, chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia and his opponent, Terry Johnson.

Shepherd was arrested under his legal name at the time, Jason Goldfarb. A native of Broward County, Fla., Shepherd, 34, said Goldfarb is his father's last name. His parents divorced in 1988, and his mother changed her name back to Shepherd, enrolling him in school by that name as well. In 2003, shortly before he married a different woman, he legally changed his name from Goldfarb to Shepherd, he said.

That post is definitely mean spirited, and the idea that any woman from a foreign nation who marries an American is a mail order bride is a strange one, and one likely to offend a lot of people. But (and I'm not a lawyer, so caveat lector) it seems very unlikely to me that that post is actionable.

On Tuesday, Shepherd took aim at a website called "Blog for Democracy," which describes itself as a group blog that launched in 2004 to cover "progressive" politics in Georgia. In a Monday comment on that blog by Melanie Goux, who serves on the board of The Fulton County Arts Council, Goux remarks on how long it took Shepherd to change his name and also comments on Shepherd's wife, Manuela, a native of Germany.

"My only response is, I think this is just being used as a fundraising ploy to help what appears to be a failing campaign," she said.

Nike T Shirts Green

Nike T Shirts Green

nor ever was, a mail order bride as you claim," Ellis writes.

Ellis is demanding an immediate retraction of both statements to be posted on the Blog for Democracy site "or suit will be filed against you."

It's true that the standards are different for libel per se than they are for libel generally, but the term bride seems to be a figure of speech here, and the statement that someone should check on Manuela seems more like a gratuitous swipe than a statement that Shepherd is likely abusing her. Shepherd might have a case in Britain, but probably not in the US.

Domestic violence is not something the Republican Party should embrace, and it's not something the Democrats should use to score points with voters. Terry Johnson is the embarrassment and anyone who would tarnish another candidate with a 10 year old charge which was thrown out of court to drag that person's name through the mud is no conservative and no Christian. I voted early for Shepherd, before this news broke and I would vote for him again today. Anyone can get arrested. The case was dropped and that is good enough for me.

Writes Goux: "This means for almost 20 years, Jason went about daily life under an assumed (anglo sounding) surname, until Mr. Goldfarb was ready to marry his mail order bride. Given his history, someone should probably check on Mrs. Shepherd."

"This imputation is completely false," the letter states. "Falsely implying Mr. Shepherd is committing a crime is sufficient to prove Libel Per Nike Trousers For Men

As for whether she will write a retraction, Goux said that remains to be seen.

Nike T Shirts Green

"While they may not have written the statement, it's their slash and burn style of politics Nike T Shirts Green that has created the environment for it," he said.

In a letter sent Tuesday to Goux, Shepherd's Marietta attorney Steven Ellis called the blog libelous for "imputing that Mr. Shepherd is currently committing physical violence against his wife."

Reached by phone Tuesday, Goux, who describes herself as a political blogger and Atlanta resident who was among those who helped start up the Blog for Democracy site, said she hasn't received any communication from Shepherd's campaign.

Shepherd, Nike Grey Joggers Womens

This week, the Democratic Party of Georgia released information to the media detailing how Shepherd was arrested on a domestic violence charge in 2000, stemming from a relationship with his former fiancee. The case was eventually dismissed and all charges against him were dropped.

Nike T Shirts Green

"If that's what he's demanding, he can call me directly," she said.

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