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Making high school start times later caters to the biological sleep patterns that teenagers have, he said.

"We have some kids who are ranch family kids, and they've been up doing chores before school," said Principal Todd Sweeter at Pine Bluffs Junior and Senior High.

"The morning class isn't a problem. There might be a kid who's sleepy (but) we have a lot of kids who work and work some pretty late shifts," South math teacher Jayne Wingate said. "But it's more that afternoon where Socks Nike Basketball

"The problem is teenagers, not elementary kids," Iber said. "Teens in every culture, and even in many animals when they reach adolescence, teens tend to get up later and go to bed later it's biology."

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Nike T Shirts For Ladies

Several teachers said students tend to be more tired in the afternoon.

Other teachers said they're not sure starting later would help students be more awake.

"The most compelling [example] is when you look at countries that have school start times delayed," he said. "They start to have better performances."

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"My kids are more ready to do work in the morning than they are after lunch," Pine Bluffs science teacher Kendra Roeder said.

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In the classroom

"First period, they're a lot calmer, but second period, they're a lot more energetic," he said. "A lot of students work full time and go to Nike T Shirts For Ladies school full time seems like most of our kids would like 26 hours in a day."

"We need to change the public's view of what sleep does," Iber said. "Sleep is remodeling your brain and making it work better."

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they're tired. They've had a day of learning, and that last hour is the tough one to teach."

"The biggest problem we run into is the lack of value for sleep," he said. "The brain is impaired when you don't have enough sleep it's comparable to being intoxicated."

In Laramie County school districts, there hasn't been a recent conversation about school start times, administrators Nike Aeroloft Women Parka

Nike T Shirts For Ladies

said, though most said they'd heard of the issue. is pretty tough, but it's just one of those things you have to adjust to," said Phil Thompson, principal of Cheyenne's South High. "It depends on the kids. Some of the kids come in more ready."

While the amount of sleep that a student needs may differ from student to student, the average is Nike Shorts Men Cotton

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eight or nine hours, he said.

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Doctors and researchers from the University of Minnesota and others have been studying the effect of later school start times on teenagers for about 20 years, he said.

"When you look at our students, most of them are on the bus 15 to maybe 30 minutes, so by the time they get to school, they're awake," Burns Junior and Senior High Principal Jerry Becking said. "They're motivated.

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CHEYENNE High school students often are in class before younger students, but research suggests they benefit from a later start. in Laramie County School District 2. Some schools also run programs like a pre school "zero hour" that start earlier. Con Iber, professor of medicine at the University of Minnesota.

But Cheyenne's Triumph High Principal Mike Helenbolt said there is a noticeable difference between students in first and second period.

´╗┐Should Wyoming high schools ring a later bell

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Several, like Thompson, said they haven't seen a problem with students coming to class tired or half awake.

Iber also serves as the medical director of a sleep medicine program.

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