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So is there any chance Sunita might one day escape from exile in Swinton? "Never rule out anything. An actor's life is an interesting one.

Nike T Shirts For Kids

Nike T Shirts For Kids

"My son," she replies. "If you're in a soap opera, you're looked at 24 hours a day. I'm a lone parent family and it's difficult for us to be together without outside influences. That's the hardest thing.

Nike T Shirts For Kids

no regrets about turning down those other jobs further away from home. "I don't know what would have happened after Corrie. But this kind of became so apparent. I liked what was on the table. Nisha was married and she was older and I could play my age hooray! I've never done that on screen before. Sunita was 27, and I'm older than that," she smiles.

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It's not quite 007 just yet, but Shobna also has a guest part in the final episode of the current series of Manchester and Bolton filmed New Street LawBBC1, Wed, 8pm

She's still in touch with friends in Manchester. "I keep tabs on the Street, because my bezzie mates are Kate Ford and Helen Worth. We meet every two weeks for dinner and I keep tabs on everybody.

"Then, obviously, because I'm an actor, there's the artistic side. I could have continued to tell Sunita's story, yes, of course, and I would have loved to have done that. But there was a point where I wanted to tell another character's story, and another and another. I wanted to try different ways of working."

Having worn a uniform in Dinnerladies and as corner shop assistant Sunita, she was happy to change into yet another work outfit. "I think the crew enjoyed me wearing the nurse's uniform," she says with a glint in her eye. "I enjoy wearing Nike T Shirts For Kids the uniform but I'm waiting for the role that takes me into Bond territory."

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Were there offers on the table after she quit the Street? "There were indeed. Some were quite far down south and some were pretty near. But this particular character had been developed in this way for me. I had this long conversation about her and I thought she was so different she's very nearly oven ready to inhabit."

). "I play the wife of a child murderer."

"There's no protective barriers, there's not another person there with you. It's very intense. So going out anywhere, to the shops, to the park, it's very intense when you're on five nights a week. It's the intensity of being in the public eye five nights a week on screen, off screen.

After arriving in Weatherfield in 2001, Sunita became a viewers' favourite involved in a series of dramas, including being held hostage by husband Dev's deranged ex lover, arrested for bigamy on her wedding day and surviving a brain tumour.

Nike T Shirts For Kids

"My son's an influence because he's so transient. He's growing, he's changing and all that lovely stuff that children have. And I thought, 'Oh, I want some of that back.'

Nike T Shirts For Kids

Nike T Shirts For Kids

Nike T Shirts For Kids

´╗┐Shobna spreads her wings

Nike T Shirts For Kids

her," she laughs.

Nike T Shirts For Kids

Single parent Shobna, 40 this year, explains: "It is very important to me to work from home, because my son is there and he's just about to start secondary school.

Shobna faced the music in Soapstar Superstar just a few weeks after leaving Weatherfield and then embarked on a Corrie promotional tour of Canada. Seven days after returning, she joined other former Rovers regulars Brian Capron and Phil Middlemiss in the cast of the heart warming Sunday night drama.

Shobna, who still lives in her home town, Nike Aeroloft Parka Mens

Although the new series of Where The Heart Is arrives on screen next month, Shobna doesn't appear until August. Mum of two Nisha returns to her home town of Skelthwaite, a year on from having being stabbed by a patient on a hospital ward in Sheffield. Her screen husband Jack is played by Blue Murder star Ian Kelsey.

"So how fantastic to be able to go into the Dales instead of up the Oldham Road into Manchester. Both of them had their joys, but now I'm surrounded by green. I can look at that and then go back to my own bed."

But the price of soap fame and Shobna's desire to spread her wings led to an exit storyline. The decision was a mutual one between the actress and Granada. Was there one factor that made her mind up?

shot her final scene as Sunita just before Christmas, although the former shop girl and her twins are still referred to in the script. "Apparently I'm in Swinton and living in Dev's house, which I think is very sensible of Nike Short Sleeve Sweatshirt Womens

"Of course you do. Sally Lindsay left today, so I gave her a text this morning to wish her well and I will see her soon. I couldn't be there to say goodbye, which is quite sad. Coronation Street is a gorgeous job. Leaving any job is hard, because you leave your friends."

Nike T Shirts For Kids

Nike T Shirts For Kids

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