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The high school began as a charter eight years ago inside a modular, double wide trailer. Before then, a campus only through middle school existed in Fort Washakie, a town populated mostly by Eastern Shoshone Indians.

Some board members shed tears after the vote to unify the charter high school into the school district. The district now can receive funds for a new Fort Washakie High School that can serve all students in the community. With that opportunity, officials believe more will graduate.

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this school has opportunities and presents a challenge."

"I liked the school," Pingree said. "I liked the environment it's set it. This work at your own pace thing . really helped me learn what to expect later on in life." A journalism conference he attended as part of his social studies and English course work showed him how one can turn a passion into a career.

People there know Ferris for his tireless work to help create the charter high school and recent unification. He always planned for a larger high school, but was determined to first set the unique educational environment that works for students in the community.

uncle told him when he considered dropping out of school, words he wants to impart to youth today.

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Generation after generation, Fort Washakie students have made the difficult choice about where to attend high school outside of the community and culture in which they grew up. In a few years, all Fort Washakie students will receive the opportunity to graduate from a hometown school.

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"One of the goals we set for this school was to prepare these kids to go out into society and succeed," Ferris said. "I think we give them all the tools that they can go out there and do that with. The unification means we'll have a brick and mortar building. To me, that's one of the goals I've always looked forward to. That's why I've pushed for the school so hard. I met my dream."

Very few from Fort Washakie attend the Wyoming Indian High School a few miles away in Ethete, a largely Northern Arapaho community. While the two main tribes at the reservation have mingled and mixed over the years, they remain two distinct cultures, said English teacher Michael Read. Many students attend Lander Valley High School about 15 miles away or Wind River High School about 20 miles away. Others go to boarding schools out of state.

Students may enroll in classes any time during the year. The school offers online courses through the Wyoming e academy of Virtual Education and face to face classes in math, science, English and social studies.

Pingree shared his experience seeking an education in his culture with the Wyoming Board of Education in April. Military Academy at West Point.

At FW last week, Tristen Warren took her last two environmental science tests online. Katlin Tillman took an algebra quiz on paper in the math classroom. The teacher handed it back marked with a B. Tillman had struggled in math at Lander Valley High School and transferred to FW last year.

teachers than ever.

´╗┐Shoshone community looks forward to hometown high school in Fort Washakie

"The identity of Fort Washakie has always been, 'So and so is playing in Lander tonight, so and so is playing at Wyoming Indian,'" Read said. "We're looking at the aspect of this school to build an identity in Fort Washakie that in time will make this community ever stronger than it is now."

That community is growing, according to Ferris. New businesses are opening and bringing in more people. Not just a Shoshone community or school system, the tribe shares its culture with all people there, he added. The high school even incorporates a few elements of other cultures for non Shoshone students, according to Read.

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"The potential that we have is pretty great when we're looking to the future. just based on what we've done with what we have had," FW Principal Shad Hamilton said.

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"It was a scary situation," Ferris said. "I didn't know where I was going or what I was doing or who was there or what kind of environment I'd be in." He ended up enjoying school and later graduated from the FBI National Academy.

Warren said the teachers inspire her, as she recalled the day one explained that she can work at her own pace. Procrastination, the teacher said, only prolongs the road ahead.

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"I like this school, but I don't want to be here forever," she said, laughing before turning solemn. "This place gave me an opportunity that no other place ever did. It gave me the chance to have more dreams about what I want to be for the rest of my life. I can say Nike Sweater Mens

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The situation has changed little over the generations. FW graduate Willow Pingree, 19, also attended boarding school out of state and tried LVHS for a year before enrolling at FW.

Officials also believe the school's future will lend the community more of an identity.

John Washakie, who works in the campus library, supported the unification of the high school named for his great grandfather, Chief Washakie. He shares the belief that an expansion will keep more students in school. He said he would have dropped out had he not attended boarding school.

Besides the usual challenges of typical high school courses, FW students must learn to pace themselves.

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Tillman said she works independently but also receives more support from Nike Socks For Girls

He still remembers the words his Nike T Shirts Original

For now, a brick building and portable structure hold the four classrooms, computer room and gym that make up Fort Washakie High School Nike T Shirt Online on the Wind River Reservation. But that school will grow, now that the State Board of Education has granted the request of Fremont County School District 21 to unify the charter high school into the district.

Leaving your home and culture are decisions for high school seniors, not young teens, Ferris said. He attended a high school in Lander but was bullied and never felt like he fit in there. He then attended boarding school in South Dakota.

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"Here, there's not very many students, so it's easier to ask a teacher if I need help or have questions," Tillman said. After she finishes the math class in a few weeks, she'll move on to her favorite, English. She's already read "Hunger Games" for her first assignments.

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