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The GSBA will not take a stance on the issue until it receives a document certifying the school board's approval, Banks said.

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If all goes as planned, board Chairman Randy Scamihorn says he hopes the board will select the two options to be paid for with special purpose local option sales tax dollars by its December 11 meeting.

The district pays $75,409.10 each month to the Marietta based law firm, which has represented the district since 1989.

Tisdale spoke of the school's flooding and leaking problems.

Argyle Elementary to be rebuilt; Belmont Hills/LaBelle Elementary to be consolidated and rebuilt; Brumby Elementary to be rebuilt; Clay/Harmony Leland/Riverside Intermediate/Riverside Primary to be consolidated and rebuilt; Mountain View to be rebuilt; Powers Ferry/Eastvalley Elementary to be consolidated and rebuilt. All six options would require the schools to relocate.

Amoni Witcher, a parent and the PTA president at Brumby Elementary, told board members, "I need your help to make Brumby a better place."

Hinojosa supported the tax idea at the last meeting, and said he thought it was a creative way to raise more money for schools.

The board also unanimously took a "vote of affirmation" to continue its legal services with Gregory, Doyle, Calhoun and Rogers, LLC.

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When Banks introduced his idea at the last meeting Oct. 9, the board was split on its support, with members Angelucci and Stultz strongly opposing the idea, and Sweeney, Wheeler and Banks supporting the measure.

Jordan Tisdale, a fourth grader at Mountain View Elementary, stood on a pink stepstool, and said, "I love my school. The teachers are awesome Nike T Shirt New but why Nike Dri Fit Socks Low Cut

In other business, board member David Banks reintroduced a revised draft of his letter he hoped to send to the Georgia School Boards Association, signifying the board's support of his new tax initiative.

Pleased with board attorney

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The criteria included the number of portable classrooms at the schools, the last construction the schools underwent, whether or not land would need to be purchased to build a new school, the current enrollment and the school's capacity and the total amount of SPLOST I, II and III funds previously spent on the school, Ragsdale said.

For many years Cobb County was on a new development and tax income rocket ship. There was plenty of money available for politicians to reward political cronies, friends, and family with jobs and contracts.

The board shut down his proposal in a 4 3 vote, with members David Morgan, Scamihorn, Tim Stultz and Kathleen Angelucci opposed. Banks, Scott Sweeney and Brad Wheeler were in favor of the initiative.

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Twenty four students and parents Nike Tech Fleece Pants

The six options are:

The initiative, called a Local Education Sales Tax, is an attempt to amend the Georgia Constitution to allow counties to tax themselves to raise funds for school improvements. The proposed tax is similar to a SPLOST.

spoke before the board, and reiterated their desires for new school buildings, listing mold growth, crammed classrooms, traffic and safety issues as reasons to have their school rebuilt.

I always said that it was going to catch up with us someday and mused about how tough this would be on politicians and county managers when this ride was up and they were forced to do the right things.

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Superintendent Michael Hinojosa presented board members with a list of six options, which included 11 schools that will be in the running to be rebuilt or consolidated within the next two to three years.

Scamihorn urged parents to contact him and other board members as the process to pick two schools progressed.

Jordan Tisdale, right, a fourth grade student at Mountain View Elementary School, urges Cobb Board of Education members to strongly consider building a new school after asking the board if they are aware of the severe problems at the facility, including what they say is mold that has caused illness among students and staff.

´╗┐Short list for school rebuilds revealed all options would require relocation

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isn't anybody fixing anything?"

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the need to bid out what they said was a great business relationship with the firm. The board has never placed its legal services out for bid, according to the district.

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There are 67 elementary schools in the county, and the schools on the list were selected because they met certain criteria, said Chris Ragsdale, deputy superintendent of operational support.

Board members listened patiently, and after public comment ended, Scamihorn said, "We hear you. We know you are out there. We want your participation. I'm available."

At the last board meeting, Angelucci asked the board to discuss it options to bid out the district's legal services, only to be dismissed by other board members, who did not see Nike Sweatpants Women Black

If that's the criteria truly used to select schools for rebuilding then why wasn't Dowell Elementary chosen? There is mold, and odors in the building that can hardly be tolerated. It is older then a few of the schools on the list. The building is need of painting and new flooring. It's hard to believe the county is going to spend all that money on construction and ignore the many repairs other schools need. Maybe Dowell just hasn't been vocal enough. MDJ should do an investigation of the health hazards of other old Cobb County schools besides Mountain View. Mountain View is not that old.

Banks' tax proposal rejected

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