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"I think it's quite lucky that it did happen to me because I'm young and had the ability to free myself, but a child or an elderly person could have been more badly injured.

Nike T Shirt Girls

Nike T Shirt Girls

"It is annoying and I am angry because I want to move on with my life now and until this is concluded I can't do that," said Mr Reddington.

He still experiences pain in his foot, has no Nike Trousers Man

me out," he said.

Nike T Shirt Girls

"The bone was sticking out, the flesh was torn, it was a mess and the surgeons told me, if they reattached it, I could die because of the risk of gangrene.

When a worker at a nearby barber's shop Nike T Shirt Girls hit the emergency stop button, Mr Reddington asked for a screwdriver and set about dismantling the escalator himself.

Part of the reason for the delay is because the engineer died suddenly.

He said: "There are various technical elements, including specialist engineers' reports, which need to be finalised before the investigation can be concluded.

"I was also told that it could take between six months and a year to recover, which was a huge shock."

After the fire service lifted Mr Reddington out of the escalator they dismantled it further to reach his toe.

member of staff was assigned and continues to support the city council in the investigation. The West End Arcade, off Angel Row, is managed by Hodgkinson and Elkington The firm declined to comment.

Nike T Shirt Girls

"That immediate feeling of my foot being crushed is something I've never felt before it was absolute agony.

When paramedics arrived the toe was placed on ice in a surgical bucket and Mr Reddington was rushed to the Queen's Medical Centre.

Nike T Shirt Girls

A city council spokesman said the investigation was still going on.

A maintenance worker next door provided the tools and it took two people to help Mr Reddington remove the bolts, which he said were very rusty and stiff.

´╗┐Shopper who lost toe on escalator still waiting for answers

Mr Reddington threw his energy into recovering and returned to work after three months.

Nike T Shirt Girls

"Because I'm an electrician I know how things are put together and I looked down and instinct took over and I just sprung in to action, yelled for a screwdriver and started lifting up the panels."

Nike T Shirt Girls

use of two of his toes and has had to give up football.

A HSE spokesman said: can confirm our specialist mechanical engineer passed away suddenly last year

He had five operations on his foot and stayed in hospital before being discharged.

Nike T Shirt Girls

"Unfortunately it's not possible to say when that will be."

It is not known if the injury will have any further effect on Mr Reddington in later life.

Nike T Shirt Girls

Nike T Shirt Girls

"I couldn't resist looking at my foot as the Nike Dri Fit Sports Bra

Although the city council is leading the investigation the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provided a specialist mechanical engineer to assist.

A claim for compensation submitted by Mr Reddington cannot be pursued until Nottingham City Council concludes its investigation.

As he removed the last panel the fire service arrived and helped lift him free.

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