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Nike T Shirt For Girls

I enjoy attending clubs that have informative spekares who are local investors. Even the most experienced investors can pick up tidbits of valuable information, not only that, the networking to build your network (also know as your networth) is vital and beneficial.

Should Real Estate Clubs let speakers market their products during meetings?One of the reasons I attend the Nike Green Sports Bra

Nike T Shirt For Girls

Stick with teh local investors doing what you want to do and attend a meeting when they speak.

Many (or even almost all) investor club meetings were filled with guru pitches and teaser info in the past. Some clubs here in SO CAL changed that.

Nike T Shirt For Girls

Nike T Shirt For Girls

I speak now just for the fun and excitment of it, I have no books or classes to sell, I just enjoy educating others and who doesn like being the center of attention once in a while!I already voted and completely agree with most of you. I will admit that I taken advantage of the local reia knowing that they in the business of making money and that the speakers are going to be selling something.

I say yes, it is entirely up to the individual club as to what they present and how the present it. Would I attend a club that focused on it, absolutley not!

Nike T Shirt For Girls

That said, my answer is also a Big Fat NO! I can stand gurus or what they stand for Nike T Shirt For Girls (which is take money from unsuspecting people looking for pipe dreams that can not be delivered without actual work and effort!)

Steve Loves club is very sales oriented yet is free to attend and he occasionally gets some great speakers. He also attracts a huge crowd. Phyllis Rockowers pitch fest (now managed by Steve Love I believe) charges nearly $30 per meeting. Her attendance is down recently but she can also attract hundreds with the right speaker. Some are great and some lousy. Others, like the most of the Orange county clubs, claim they dont allow sales, but seem to tolerate some anyway. These are well attended as well. I think that depending on the aggressiveness of the pitch, like it or not, many people will attend a real estate meeting even when they know they must endure the inevitable sales presentation.

The LA club I belong too never has a guru pitch. I have been the main speaker many times and I don;t sell a book or a class. I have done classes in the past and any funds received was a minor reimbursment for my time, but I felt that the students received much more than I did.

Hey, where else can you find a bunch of willing and ready newbs to actively seek out deals/business for you for a very very very very minimal return to them :)

My first inclination was to say no. However, I think it depends upon the club agenda.

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wallet and to a lesser degree, their shoes. There are a number of pitch fest based real estate clubs in LA that have been attracting hundreds of attendees for years. Why? I dont know, but many must feel they are getting value for their time spent and are willing to put up with the sales. Plus, I suppose sales bother some more than others.

Nike T Shirt For Girls

Nike T Shirt For Girls

Nike T Shirt For Girls

Please follow the link and vote on your thoughts, as well as leaving your more complete thoughts in the discussion below.

OC Investors Club meetings (and the fundamental reason for it creation) was to create a hospitable atmosphere for investors to meet and listen to presentations without being subjected to the "Time Share" sales pitch.

We were interested in getting your thoughts about how many real estate clubs (REIAs) profit off the products of their speakers, so we put a poll together.

What I done is shown up and networked with others who can/will benefit me. This means a lot of newbs who have and will bring me deals because they Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Women's

The clubs here are pitch fests. The speakers are informative but information is in support of the agenda, which is to sell you their product. So ultimately these clubs are either famously overt pitch fests or clever pitch fests in disguise. That said, you also get to meet liked minded people. Newbies get their faces out there and they receive some education. So with an agenda of education and networking it seems OK for speakers to market their products.

Nike T Shirt For Girls

If the pitch fest clubs were branded as mastermind groups then I vote "No". However, If the clubs were mastermind groups why would they let newbies who bring nothing to the table in?

´╗┐Should real estate investor clubs allow speakers

People must understand that the main speaker should somehow be compensated for giving up their time making a valuable presentation and one of the ways to do that is to offer some sort of class or seminar at a fee. So long as the class is reasonably priced and the information valid and beneficial, I see no problem with that.

not up to doing it themselves.

I know that doesn sound professional but I plan on doing it again once I acquire my RE license. I be showing up with personal agendas in tack.

I hate to say it, but I dont think a survey is going to make a difference. People vote with their Nike Mens Leggings 3/4

Nike T Shirt For Girls

Nike T Shirt For Girls

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