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affections walked her friend Brenda home that night from the Cutlers Hall New Year's Eve dance.

The Star tracked down eleven diamond wedding anniversary couples and threw them a tea party at the Beauchief, Sheffield's recently restored, grand Victorian hotel

death of their parents. And William was only 15 when he met an even greater love at the Adelphi Cinema in Attercliffe.


They wed at St Chad's on Abbey Lane on a December day. They had their reception at a room above Heeley Green Co op and Les remembers sprinkling his father in law's ulcer powder on the floor to stop their feet from slipping.

Now with 16 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren, they live in Woodseats.

Sheffielder Ernest, 82, met Spaniard Elizabeth when he was stationed in Gibraltar with the RAF. He was 21 and she was 22.

AS soon as she set her eyes on Jim Matthews, 16 year old Edith knew she was going to marry him.

Nike T Shirt 2017 Basketball

Nike T Shirt 2017 Basketball

The pair live in Grenoside and have two children and two step grand children.

It's just as well; when they first met, they could barely speak a word to each other.

Nike T Shirt 2017 Basketball

The Wallers had their first date at Sheffield Carbrook Fair when 19 year old George was home on leave from the Army. He remembers watching her on the dodgems. "I walked her home; it was love straight away," he says.

Florence, the girl whose hair he used to tug from the row behind, became his bride on September 6, 1952.

Nike T Shirt 2017 Basketball

sheet metal worker.

Nevertheless, they married in Gibraltar 16 days after the death of George VI, returning to live at his mother's home on Firth Park's Bellhouse Road.

Earnest went to work as a bus conductor for Sheffield Bus Corporation and they had four daughters.

Nike T Shirt 2017 Basketball

The boys found family love again after the tragic Nike Tech Fleece Pants Black

He met Joan, now 78, at Smithywood Club. "She went ballroom dancing with her mum. I fancied her from afar, then one night plucked up the courage to chip in for the last waltz with her."

Love speaks all languages, say Ernest and Elizabeth Shipley.

Nike T Shirt 2017 Basketball

They married in the year the young Princess Elizabeth inherited the throne and have stayed together through six decades.

Their sad journey was made happier when, after William lost his pocket money, a whip round on board replenished it and more. Plus when the ship docked in Glasgow, their mother's parents were there to take them back to Sheffield.

The Star's diamond do Nike T Shirt 2017 Basketball inadvertently reunited old neighbours after 50 plus years.

Les's feet did cause consternation later that night, though. As he was getting into bed with his new bride, he realised his feet were black as coal.

George and Barbara Waller sat down to discover they had been seated next to the couple they lived next door but one to when both were in the early years of their married lives Joan and Les Whitehead.

"I recognised them straight away," says Barbara, 79. "We lived on Hereford Road near Bramall Lane. Our three kids played with their two. We all had to move when they pulled the houses down in the early '60s."

Nike T Shirt 2017 Basketball

After National Service George worked at Graves Park, James Neill Tools and the water board. They celebrated their diamond anniversary on Thursday with friends and family they have seven grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

Trouble was, the object of her Nike Dri Fit T Shirts

"Because rationing was still on I hadn't been able to buy any black wedding shoes," he chuckles. "I'd dyed a pair of brown ones instead and the dye had soaked through."

He had a bit of work to do before she agreed to go out with him, though: "I didn't like him. I thought he was a big flirt. He was always with a different girl," says Florence, 80.

"We were able to understand each other and started to learn each other's language. Though that wasn't the only difference between us," he says. "She was a Roman Catholic and I wasn't."

Nike T Shirt 2017 Basketball

Nike T Shirt 2017 Basketball

George and Barbara went to Arbourthorne and Les and Joan to Gleadless. "We never saw each other again until now," says Les, 83, a former Nike Sleeveless Hoodie Men

´╗┐Sheffield tea party to celebrate anniversary milestones

Nike T Shirt 2017 Basketball

Nike T Shirt 2017 Basketball

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