Nike Sweatpants Skinny

Nike Sweatpants Skinny

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flow of needed documents, etc.

Nike Sweatpants Skinny

Nike Sweatpants Skinny

good percentage, but you will never get them all! If you are doing 10%, get out of the business. You are doing the distressed seller a real disservice.

Nike Sweatpants Skinny

Originally posted by Mitch Kronowit:Originally posted by Anthony Adderley:My problem is an expert investor I trust said short sale flips close only about 10% of the time. Aaaugghhh! This can be right. Most of my info says investors close close to 50%. What do you know about this?

´╗┐short sale flip success rate

How good your negotiator is

The investor that owns the loan

It depends on what you count as closed. If a spread cant be achieved and you go directly A to C, I still count that as closed. It would be counted as closed in the statistics that you would pull off line, too. If you are talking about pure flips with no rehab, it all depends on:

How good your listing agent is at establishing a true value for a quick sale

Nike Sweatpants Skinny

Working with lenders to finance your C buyer is a must

The work load of the lender

You should Google Patrick Precourt, he and his Partner Bob LeChance are very sucsessfull on the east coast and the giveout tons of info and SS products.

How well you know the current area market

How good of a job you do in communicating with sellers, agents, buyers, etc.

If the market is stable, rising or falling

Is there PMI

Murphys Law can hit you at any time!

Based on some people I know doing SS flips, 10% sounds high and 50% is somebody wet dream.

Nike Sweatpants Skinny

Good point Bill. If we simply talking what percentage of short sales APPROVED by the lender make it to close, I would hazard to say the "closing" rate is quite high. So if you cant get the price point that would allow you to buy, hold for the penatly time, resale at profit, ensure you build a process for capturing the other profits streams (ie, marketing for buyers, Nike Aeroloft Jacket Mens

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Nike Sweatpants Skinny

Nike Sweatpants Skinny

Nike Sweatpants Skinny

assignments fees, etc)

Put it all together and it is a pretty Nike Men Sweater

How efficient and fast you are in managing the Nike Joggers Pants For Men

Nike Sweatpants Skinny

Nike Sweatpants Skinny

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