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Nike Sweater Without Hoodie

Should i tell me boyfriend that his father tryed to have sex with me? Right now, My boyfriend and i are having probelms. we have been together for almost 4 years and we have a son together. Since we have had so many fights. and everything i left took my and my son to a hotel room for a coupple nights,to get a break. when my boyfriends dad came over and brought food and milk for my son. he had about 3 smirnoff drinks. and i had not even one. we were very close family wise. i didnt think much of it. after the 3 smirnoff drinks. he was messing around with me, tickleing. and trying to fill me up. asking for my phone to look at my personal pictures? should i tell my boyfriend this? everything? or you think it will come back at me. and it will split up the family. im not sure how my boyfriend will react? should i tell him? or leave it Nike Sweater Without Hoodie alone. and see if it happens again.

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Nike Sweater Without Hoodie

1st your son is the most important part of you family. Not you boyfriend

Reason: added a few wordsConfront the father. Be polite but firm and give him an "out" to keep things from being to tense in the family. You might say something like " I know you had to much to drink that day so I not flipping out or anything, but what you did made me really uncomfortable and I want to make sure it never happens again." Then let it go and avoid being alone with him. You should tell your boyfriend though. At least tell him you feel kind of uncomfortable around his dad because after drinking too much he seemed to touch you inappropriately. That way it just sounds like your uncomfortable, but not accusing or blaming. It can help keep the peace. That being said, he ever goes after you again tell your boyfriend right away. And the fact that you mentioned something similar Nike Sports Bra Images

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Nike Sweater Without Hoodie

If, however, you think your boyfriend is potentially violent, then this could be a problem. If you feel that severe harm will be done in some way by telling your boyfriend that his father more or less tried to seduce (perhaps rape is a better word) you, then you might need to consider the option of finding a new boyfriend. Keeping this little secret away from your boyfriend will not be at all helpful to you. Above all, think about yourself , how the situation with his father has affected you, and what you need to do about it in order to heal from any emotional wounds that were caused by this man.

If he does it again, then you should tell your boyfriend, because the dad may just keep harassing you. You should definitly tell your boy friend. His father is a mean person who wants to take advantage of your tough time. He knows that something wrong is happening between you and your boy friend ,he is taking advantage of this situation. You should not let yourself fall victim to his father. Why Nike Sportswear Down Jacket

Dont think negative. You are right and going to tell your boy friend the truth about his father. By duing this you will feel tension free and he will also come to know about his father reality. It will not spoil anything. There are so many girls who ruin their lives just because they don have courage to talk . You most likely do need to tell your boyfriend the truth so that he will know what his father did, and tried to do, to you. His father was completely inappropriate in his actions, and you are not the one who is to blame. It is not your responsibility as to whether or not the truth about this unfortunate situation splits or does not split your boyfriend family apart. However, it is your responsibility to get this terrible thing out into the open as soon as possible.

Share Abuse This is a very delicate situation, and you should handle with care. You need to realize that if you do tell your bf, the dad could lie and say you were Nike Sweatpants For Men

are you double minded. Please don take any more time otherwise you will repent afterwards.

What the dad did was very wrong, but I think I would just keep it to myself for the sake of my bf.

Nike Sweater Without Hoodie

Nike Sweater Without Hoodie

Nike Sweater Without Hoodie

coming on to him.

before will help give evidence that you telling the truth if the dad tries to deny a second attempt.

Plus, this could drive a massive steak into the heart of the family, so you need to ask yourself if you prepared to live with those consequences.

Nike Sweater Without Hoodie

Nike Sweater Without Hoodie

Nike Sweater Without Hoodie

you need to take some time and figure out your situation you have have control over your life, not random people on the internet

2nd i would tell him. Its mess up but i would have them both in a room and talk about what happen. I know you love them both but sometimes the people we think we love arent right for us.

Nike Sweater Without Hoodie

´╗┐Should i tell me boyfriend that his father tryed to have sex with me

Nike Sweater Without Hoodie

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