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One of the major tasks of the next session, which begins Feb. 25, will be to reconcile those different approaches.

Compared to the minimum wage discussion, the legislators had something of a muted reaction to a question from John Hurd of North Mankato about medical marijuana. Hurd didn't ask where the legislators stood and they certainly didn't say but he did have a point to make.

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´╗┐Sheran take questions in St

Johnson's liveliest moments came during a discussion on transportation funding. He cast southern Minnesota as ahead of the curve on the need to raise revenue for transportation.

"I think it's harder for people to hear, that Nike Blue Shorts Womens

"I was really glad to hear Kathy Sheran talk that way," he said.

"Why are police more important than the Nike T-shirts For Boys

The town hall meeting was slated to begin with a social hour, but the crowd of 40 people or so didn't seem inclined to be very social. at the Blue Earth County Library in Mankato. It'll be attended by Sheran and Rep. Kathy Brynaert, DFL Mankato, and if Monday night is any guide there won't be much of a social hour.

"It starts with good analysis," Sheran said. "We're going to do that. We're going to fix the system."

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doctors?" Hurd asked.

"These computer programs that you guys spent millions of dollars on are extremely subpar," he said. "Your bidding process is so difficult that the cream of the crop companies don't want to bid because there's so much red tape."

"Will there be adjustments in prices?" he asked. "There may well be."

Sheran said her top priority is getting a 5 percent raise for people who work in nursing homes and other long term care settings. These people typically work for private companies, but their salaries are set by the state.

"I am obviously a Democrat and I am obviously going to support minimum wage increases. But I am a very measured Democrat," she said.

He noted that Gov. Mark Dayton has said he won't support a medical marijuana bill unless law enforcement officers approve, but doctors have not been given the same influence.

She spoke about wage compression, where higher earners can lose money as low paid workers get raises, and other complications.

Johnson said there is a lot of support in the House for a medical marijuana bill, and suggested it's possible that law enforcement groups could "evolve" Nike Sweater Hoodie Men on the matter.

and it does have negative impacts," Sheran said.

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Nike Sweater Hoodie Men

St. Peter resident Rick Tuomala didn't really have a question, but he had something to say.

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The answer pleased Potts, the questioner.

The Minnesota House and Senate have passed very different minimum wage bills; the House supports an increase to $9.50 an hour over a few years while the Senate chose $7.75 an hour, a 50 cent hike.

Sheran, a Mankato Democrat, was more conflicted, to a point.

Sheran responded that the roll out is "just unacceptable," and said that Legislative Auditor Jim Nobles has promised a "top to bottom" audit of the system.

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There were a few questions on the state's health insurance exchange, MNsure.

Nancy Fitzsimons, of North Mankato, asked about legislators' plans with the projected $825 million surplus.

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Johnson, a North Mankato Democrat, heartily supported the House target, saying it should provide the economy with a brief boost because low wage workers will spend their extra money quickly. He gave only brief mention to the trade off at play.

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Nike Sweater Hoodie Men

Nike Sweater Hoodie Men

Sheran voted for a medical marijuana bill in 2009 that would have given the drug to people with certain debilitating conditions.

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