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3. Lawn requires heavy raking in the fall, with all the trees there are tons of leaves. Usually 4 hours of work every other weekend for 1 person 4 times a fall

I seriously doubt someone would pay extra in rent for ground maintenance of the type you are describing. Nor would a tenant put in the time and effort in yard work that you are describing. If you do rent it, and want to maintain the yard for astetic and other reasons, figure on paying for the lawn to replaced yearly and do not expect the tenants to bear the cost as I do believe a judge would agree with you withholding a deposit for that reason.

´╗┐Should I just pay to have it done

You beat me to it. I completely agree, this is a strange attachment to the yard. They will never be able to take care of the yard to your desires, I doubt a lawn maintenance company would either. This will undoubtedly cause you to create a bad environment with your renter. As far as you coming over daily to do maintenance on it. Think again, who the hell wants a stranger lurking around their house several times a week? Sell the house and buy another one. I have a older customer that rents out the house they grew up in and their mother died in. She is over there constantly pestering the crap out of her tenants about something or the other. since it sounds like a nice home/property and will likely attract very nice tenants looking for good schools, etc. In my case (less desirable neighborhood) I like to perform lawn maintenance, not for the cost savings, but so that my tenants know that I still exist, that I am the boss, and I get to say hello to them a few times per month!If they destroy it how Nike Sweater For Men much will it require you to fix it and bring it back to normal? In one of our properties (use to be our personal property now rental) we have an 1/3 of an acre. We told our tenants it was their responsibility to keep it in the same condition or it would be taken out of there security deposit at the end. We allow pets because of the above. Well they didn't maintain it but we were able to bring it back for approx. $450. Are you taking into account future/ongoing expenses? The 50% rule says that over time, your expenses will average out to about 50% of the Nike Womens Tank Top

already some signs

Nike Sweater For Men

Nike Sweater For Men

Nike Sweater For Men

Nike Sweater For Men

4. I would probably not allow pets because there is no fence, and a large dog would destroy the lawn

Nike Sweater For Men

Nike Sweater For Men

Obviously, the 50% rule is not actually a rule, but instead is a guideline to help you think of all those expenses you may not have considered. Now, maybe you have factored everything in, I don't know. I'm just throwing this post out there to make sure you don't end up with a rental that ends up costing you money long term.

Some properties while ideal for a personal residence are not nor ever will be good rental properties.

should be taken care of to make this a good choice for a rental. Tenants have their own lives. If you try to micromanage how they live them, your landlording experience will be more painful than it needs to be

2. Lawn is completely covered in trees and must be thatched and reseeded every September. It typically dies by then and must be reseeded to keep weeds from coming back

1. Lawn is all fescue and needs to be watered at least every other day and sometimes daily. There is not currently a sprinkler system which I will have to change I think, its too much work to keep it watered, I have a Mickey Mouse hose system that I use that I would not expect a renter to use

So this is my first post and I really want to be a landlord. I would probably set rent at $1600

2. Let them take care of it but ask for a $2500 deposit (Rent would be $1,600) and outline what must be done. If there is a full lawn of green fescue when they leave they can have their deposit back. I figure it will cost that much to sod. But I want to be sure the drains are clean so that I do not have any problems with my foundation.

Nike Sweater For Men

Nike Sweater For Men

market rent. If your market rent is $1600/month, then your expenses would be around $800/month. That leaves $800/month for mortgage and cash flow. If you are expecting $500/month in cash flow, then your mortgage is only $300/month?

5. There is a deck that needs to be cleared of leaves like the yard, twice a month in the fall

Nike Sweater For Men

Nike Sweater For Men

1. Charge $150 a month more and tell the tenants that the Yard is very important to my business and that I do not want to put that responsibility on them, all they need to do is water it and I will have gardeners and sometimes myself handle 1 6 above.

6. The land slopes to the house so special drains to divert water away need to be cleared twice monthly of debris or I could have some serious foundation problems, Nike Pants White

I think you should get a quote from a high end landscaping company and find out what they would charge to maintain the yard to your standards. Then add that figure in to your expenses and see how it affects your decision. You may well be too attached to this house and your idea of how it Nike Men's Socks

Trying to decide weather or not to rent our house that we are about to move out of, we have been living there for 8 years and want to move up. The concern is its high maintenance yard. Right now the yard is green and beautiful and I worry that if I put a tenant in there it will just die and will be more difficult to sell. Right now houses in my neighborhood are selling in 2 weeks or less, it is in one of the best school districts in the region, middle to upper class area, 4 bed 2 bath. I could just sell it now, but if I rent I think I can get $500 in cash flow per month + $200 of the mortgage is going to principal so technically I am getting $700 a month. Here is what the tenant would face.

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3. some other alternative? What do you guys do with a high maintenance yard?

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