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Just imagine the gall of Harper, who is hanging on by a thread in a dysfunctional Parliament, flying into the Avalon flanked by the two traitors: slippery as a squid Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn and MP fib, the less than fabulous, Fabian Manning. They're the duo who sat by and watched Newfoundland stripped (robbed) of $10 billion dollars because Harper Co. would not honor the Atlantic Accord agreement with this province. Instead he extended his greedy political hand to Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, which represent most of the seats in the House of Commons.

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Good turnout? A couple of hundred souls who most likely came out for the party (no pun intended) or just to see Stephen's pearly whites glistening in the August sunlight reflecting off the cliffs at Cupids and the "oh so beautiful" Atlantic waters of Renews Cappahayden.

Now that Harper has announced it, let's hope he will deposit that $3.14 million dollars into the Cupids bank account to build a spectacular event.

Harper glad handed the quaint fisher folk, attended luncheons, sampled Newfoundland cuisine at its best smiled for the cameras and gave out millions of our tax dollars, all in one day.

It leads off with the following: "Canada is a free and open society".

But it won't soon happen it seems. The resentments are too deep. "I'm too busy to meet Williams," he told The Telegram.

I don't agree with everything Danny Williams says or does, but I agree 100 per cent with his stand against Harper and support his ABC (anything but Conservative) campaign.

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Speaking of Harper Co. haven't we had enough patronizing from that bunch up in Ottawa? It made me puke to see how gullible some Newfoundlanders were during the PM's visit to the communities of Renews Cappahaden Aug. 13, and Cupids last Thursday. It reminded me how politics is rotten at the core.

A week earlier, (Fib) Manning dished out a couple of million to the town of Bay Roberts to have a couple of rusting ships towed out of the harbour. Fib (I mean Fabian) didn't forget his pro Harper speech and to have his picture taken with the rusting hulls in the background.

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´╗┐Show us the money

"We had a good turnout," Harper lackeys were heard to say.

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Most of us wouldn't welcome two faced people who have no word into our homes would we? So, Nike Sportswear Womens Parka the question begs to be asked. Why all the fuss last week? The answer is it spells stupid or stupidity no matter how it's spun.

There's going to be an election showdown this fall and I hope the majority of voters in this province remember Harper's betrayal and the lack of support of Loyola and Fabian when the chips were down.

In the meantime he danced his way around the Irish loop and Cupids the oldest English settlement in his Canada.

Tattoo dancing in their slick political heads and hove back to relax all on the gullible taxpayers' dime.

That's the way I think it is with Danny Williams. Standing tall for a matter of principle a $10 billion dollar principle. Harper is supposed to be the big man in Canada, at least he thinks so. Then it is up to Nike T Shirt Plain

Slick? I think so. Sickening? You bet!

A hockey coach I had in high school once told me as I returned to the bench after a donnybrook (one I lost) "it's not the winning or losing, it's the fact you stood up for your rights."

don't know about you, but I am sick of the patronizing words spewing forth from the PM's mouth in just about every speech he delivers here in Newfoundland. This visit was his fourth. His references to how nice and how friendly the folks down here are and how welcome they make visitors feel was nauseating at best.

Speaking of Manning, Ii tune with the PM's visit he issued a pre election flyer titled (SAFE?) to all householders in his district (mine included) spouting off about their party's plan to crack down on drug smugglers and drug dealing generally.

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Knowing Stephen Harper's track record in dealing with this province, if I were Nike Aeroloft Gilet Womens

What happened to democracy Fabian? Conduct like that happens only in China we are reminded often during the CBC coverage of the Summer Olympics.

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What about those who stayed away in droves?

Yes Fabian, "free and open" and democratic just like your hustling out of Cupids of the young man (Terry MacDonald) who legitimately waved a placard protesting and reading "people have not forgotten". Way to go Terry!

They whistled their way back to their classy hotel rooms with joyful sounds of the Signal Hill Nike T Shirts For Womens

The $3.14 million falls short of the initial plan for the celebrations, according to prominent musician Jim Payne a member of the Cupids 400 Inc. organizing committee.

It makes me sick, and the irony of it all was they achieved their goal.

Nike Sportswear Womens Parka

him to mend the fence so to speak. Isn't that what a prime minister is supposed to do bury the axe that divides?

Nike Sportswear Womens Parka

And so they came to quaint little Newfie, as they insultingly refer to our province, with great fanfare provided by their well paid pomp and pageantry to be among the people they so love and the ones that just might help them tip the balance of power in the soon to be called federal election.

Nike Sportswear Womens Parka

Nike Sportswear Womens Parka

a member of the organizing committee for the 2010 Cupids 400th anniversary celebrations, I wouldn't be too quick off the block to celebrate until the money is in the bank.

Nike Sportswear Womens Parka

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