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The title search shouldn't have to be paid for upfront. If the title company is requiring payment for title work prior to closing, get a new title company.

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The lawyer costs is pretty much NY specific. Most other states don't have this requirement.

" I won't offer earnest money until I get bank approval."

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

Is the LA obligated to submit any offers? There is a sold comp that is very comparable in terms of location and restrictions on building and I would be confident using that comp, adjusting downwards to be ultra conservative in submitting an offer. However, using the ARV less 65 70% minus repairs = MAO is it even worth it with a short sale? Are banks still trying to get as much $$. This is a BIG national chain that has this one. Is it true that by law SS must close within 30 days of an accepted offer now?

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Correct. Not upfront. But I'm committed to paying them because I'm requesting service. I'm saying it's a cost even if the deal doesn't go through.

I live. If I were to someone acquire this property I would rehab and it a sell it. I have a few questions

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Sorry if these questions have already been answered or just too ridiculous to ask but since I can literally see this house, my interest is very peaked.

" The title search shouldn't have to be paid for upfront."

condition of the property will change in a year.

I won't offer earnest money until I get bank approval, so it's not tied up for the many months I'm waiting for that approval.

There is a short sale on the MLS in my market that is very, very close to where Nike Sweatpants Tech Fleece

´╗┐Short sale where bank hasn't approved price

These terms have worked for me for many deals, and while I close 100% of my short sales that get approved, if I ever did need to back out, it would be pretty risk free.

All offers must be submitted through the LA. Most big box lenders are looking at a short sale discount of less than 10% of market value. Additionally, short sale properties take months, yes months, to close. I believe the current average is between 4 to 6 months.7. If bank approves, the deal can close. If the bank rejects, it all starts over (generally). If the bank counters, the buyer has the option to accept, reject or counter the counter.

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Prelim title has to be done up front to find any other liens to be negotiated. I do it myself before I'll even take the listing. Our title co. has never charged for these if the deal didn't go through.

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Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Joggers

Inspections we require them on the front end, after acceptance. The contract calls for the property to be maintained as is, so if there's a significant deterioration, there's an out. Also, info. from the inspection, along with contractor estimates, help justify the price to the bank. But, it's easier to the lower price first, with the proper documentation, than getting a reduction after an approval.

Given that, it should be clear that you shouldn't put too much faith in the listing price it's generally pretty meaningless in terms of how likely the bank is in approving that price.

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There is one bank. According to LA, the bank wanted it up on the MLS but has not approved a price, therefore the list price is one . . I'm not experienced (obviously) in SS so I don't know if they randomly picked this one or what.

the contract. No reason to do an inspection today when the bank may not approve the contract for a year, and it's quite possible the Nike Parka Black

Does it help to offer directly to LA and let her double end the deal with Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Joggers the rehab listing?

95% of all short sales are Not preapproved, no matter what some may say. The listing price is irrelevant to what price the bank/investor may accept. The notation of it being a short sale, on public sites, will be locally determined. Typically a contract allows 90 120 days for Lender Approval, and closing within 30 45 days from approval. The agent must submit all Offers to the Seller. Only an executed contract goes to the shorted bank. Banks are looking for something close to market. 70% of ARV usually isn't going to be approved.

If I have an inspection contingency, the contract will specify that it doesn't start until the bank approves Nike Sweatpants Navy

Okay, this one blows my mind. How do you have an executed contract if there's no earnest money? The banks will not consider my offer unless it's accompanied by a fully executed contract.

Yes, I have consider doing it that way. The problem I'm told is if after 10 months the bank gives me an answer and then I do the inspection and I need to renegotiate the price because of some problem the bank has to start all over again. Perhaps you use your inspection just for deal breaking issues?

FYI The short sale is a pre foreclosure property which needs bank approval to close. A REO is a bank owned property after the short sale period has passed, the property has gone up for auction, the redemption period (if any) has passed and then it has been listed by a real estate agent.

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Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Joggers

Is the listing agent obligated to note in the MLS remarks (viewable by the public) that it's a short sale? I noticed the "low" list price relative to my neighborhood which is what made me look at it closer. I emailed the LA and asked if it was an REO, to which she replied no, a SS. I thought that either one of these had to be notated in the listing remarks viewable by the public.

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