Nike Sportswear Rally Joggers

couple hundred people were in line for Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret, said Daniel Jenkins, Metropolis Security. they the big winners from your vantage point? Old Navy was I think when they opened."

is pretty crowed, lines are long, that's part of the deal, said Clark. like it. It's what makes it fun.

By lunch time, Nike Sportswear Rally Joggers shoppers were still in full force scoping out the irresistible deals.

Nike Sportswear Rally Joggers

"We make, typically what stores make in a week, we make in one day, so it's very, very important to all companies, said Carrie Dixon, employee of Charlotte Russe.

Black Friday is important for American retailers, which as Nike Pants For Men

Nike Sportswear Rally Joggers

Nike Sportswear Rally Joggers

Nike Sportswear Rally Joggers

Toys R Us in Castleton was one Nike Leggings Pink Stripe

There was a lot of buzz, positive and negative, about retailers opening earlier than ever. Some did not wait until Friday, and instead opened late Thursday.

Did it make a difference in this fragile, but rebounding economy? The perspective from the shopper and retailer suggests this year, feels a lot like last year, just with an earlier start.

Nike Sportswear Rally Joggers

Nike Sportswear Rally Joggers

"We had a really good rush this morning, and it's kind of made it easier on my staff this year because the sale was spread out this year, said Dixon.

Nike Sportswear Rally Joggers

Nike Sportswear Rally Joggers

Nike Sportswear Rally Joggers

of the stores that started Black Friday on Thursday and immediately found there was an appetite for bargains.

"We didn't come to the mall to shop, said Libby Farr. Friday kind of scares me. We came here to take a picture with Santa. We have followed this Santa around Indianapolis for the last 16 or 17 years now, so it's part of our family tradition to kick off the holidays.

Some people choose not to take part in the chaotic shopping day. The Farr Family of Avon came to the mall for the holidays but not for the shopping.

Nike Sportswear Rally Joggers

´╗┐Shoppers take advantage of longer Black Friday hours

For some, it is a holiday tradition and a legitimate chance to take advantage of deals that will not be there long.

a whole will attract 40 percent of the year's business this weekend.

Amanda Clark started at the tail end of Thursday, and was still going strong midday Friday.

Three hours later, the malls gave new meaning to the phrase Bird by opening at the stroke of midnight.

does not mean they waited until daybreak to get at it.

Daybreak here at the Metropolis Mall in Plainfield brought out the Black Friday shoppers for some warm weather outdoor shopping, but that Nike Womens Shorts Black

Nike Sportswear Rally Joggers

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