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would be a better choice. God help this country if Obama gets another four years!

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Obama is clearly out of ideas on how to heal this suffering Nike Sportswear Bonded Woven Pants nation. He has no solutions for anything and runs around campaingning, vacationing or blaming everyone else for this country troubles. He is a pathetic leader who still blames George Bush for the failing ecoonmy even though Obama himself has made a bad situation worse!

Nike Sportswear Bonded Woven Pants

Why is President Obama not willing to consider any debt ceiling compromise that does not extend pass the 2012 election.

entity vastly overrated the creditworthiness of a number of mortgages and institutions just before the crash of ?08. Many of its employees, in fact, proclaimed the S the stupidest place to work in the world. The other two credit rating agencies still rate the United States as tripple A. And the only reasons cited by S as to why it chose to downgrade our creditworthiness were political, not economic. Obama could not have stopped S from doing what it did, nor could George Washington, for that matter. In that event, no other Democrat would be able to do the same thing in 2013 no matter how experienced they may be because presidents are not Augustus. So, no, I don?t think Obama needs to step aside. Johndy

The current President walked into a situation that no one was going to be able to fix in four years. I wish he hadn won the election . but I cannot in honesty say his 2008 rival would have done any better. He may well lose at a re election bid, because many of his constituents seemed to think he could produce miracles. (And, he wasn Republican.) They may stay away from the polls in 2012.

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All of these factors and more made many think that George W. should step down, but he did not. So what? He won. Obama is the President. He will remain the president. Obama is playing to win and has been for many months now. He knows how to win and has the organization and money to make it happen. The Republicans are fractured and sorry to say seem to have their panties in a bunch over ridiculous things (abortion and birth certificates). They look like a junior league team going up against a pro sports team and are going to be soundly thumped in the election because of it. It won even be close. There may be others who could handle Congress better, some of our more effective presidents were those who had wheeled and dealed on the Hill for years. There may be others who could choose better advisors, which every President needs to provide the information and ideas to run a country, especially when the country is in financial distress.

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Are there any Democrats that have a chance to defeat Obama for the 2012 nomination? If this egypt crisis gets worse and there is a war in the middle east, Nike Leggings 3/4

Nike Sportswear Bonded Woven Pants

Nike Sportswear Bonded Woven Pants

Obama has not taken nearly as many vacations as George W. Bush did during his eight years in office. Most of the trips that he has taken have had to do with conducting foreign policy and insuring American interests abroad, if you?re referring to those. I also disagree that he is arrogant. In my opinion, the people who claim this are probably bent out of shape that he, an ?uppity? black man, had the temerity to run for president and actually win. He is not Rooseveltian the way I would?ve wanted and I do wish he had not caved in as much to the Republicans, but it must be remembered that they helped to insure that our country?s credit rating was downgraded by S Not only that, far too many people are taking that downgrading more seriously than it needs to be in light of the fact that this same Nike Tech Fleece Joggers

Obama is a narcisisst and will never voluntarily step aside. If the democrats force him to, I don know who would replace him as a candidate. At this point, anyone Nike Tech Fleece Aeroloft Bomber Jacket

What are the republican candidates for nomination waiting for? They seem to be slow to annouce their intention to run against Obama for the 2012 Presidential.

´╗┐Should Obama step aside and let a more experienced Democrat have the Democratic nomination for President in 2012

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Is 2012 campaign going to break records in political spendingDemocratic officials say that president Obama is likely to file campaign papers with the FEC on Monday. This would allow Obama to start raising money for a 2012 campaign. Now, with all the cuts, why everybody thinks. He will be re nominated at the 2012 Democratic Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Both these cities have a.

Nike Sportswear Bonded Woven Pants

Nike Sportswear Bonded Woven Pants

Who do you think will win the republican Presidential nomination for 2012? Do you think the winner will beat President ObamaWill hussein, baracks middle name will be detrimental to his bid for the whitehouse. In 2004, when George W. Bush was running for President for the second time, I thought he was a complete failure who had gone after the wrong country in retaliation for a slight against his father which he perceived. He also went after Iraq for the oil. Georgie clownish behavior abroad was an embarrassment to our country. He also took a government surplus and turned it into a deficit with his magic wand.

Do you think hillary clinton will challenge barack Obama for the Democratic nomination? do you think she could beat him? There a lot of chatter about this very prospect. i not suggesting i think she.

who are the top 3 Democrats.

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Aside from this, Obama remains arrogant, angry and hapless and the falling poll numbers show how many Americans are losing faith in him. Obama cannot lead this nation. He done whatever damage he can do and now someone needs to step up with a plan to save our hurting country. Under Obama, we have lost our triple AAA rating. Unemployment is skyrocketing, the stock market is in shambles, but our president is still taking one vacation after another. It like Marie Antoinette comment in France: "Let them eat cake!" That how truly ineffective and disconnected this president is to the woes of the citizens of the country is was elected to lead.

Nike Sportswear Bonded Woven Pants

Nike Sportswear Bonded Woven Pants

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