Nike Sports Bra Medium Support

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Nike Sports Bra Medium Support

Again, I'm not saying you should do anything differently, I'm just trying to understand if open source makes sense for pure web apps.

Yes, that was the previous version that I announced here on January 1st. I figured that usability is more important than fine grained control over the score weights, because the sort order is not terribly critical. Basically, the user should be able to adjust the trade off between short and popular names. I think for such a service the vast majority is not interested in the backend code and those who are interested might take it and build a competing product, not being required to release the modified code. Am I missing something? What is your take on this ?

Was yours the site with the numbers to weight the score along the top Nike Sweater Maroon

Until that happens, you could reduce it to a single field and show results for both types of searches. Nike Sports Bra Medium Support I found the prefix/suffix thing pretty confusing.

I'd like to second this request. Added "ing" to the suffix field and nothing showed up. Showed results. Then added an "n" just before the "g" to get "ng". Less results than before as expected. The reason is that the App Engine datastore doesn't support fancy search, only sorting with custom indexes. All results for a GQL query must be adjacent in the index. The indexes for combined prefix+suffix search are still building but should be ready in a few days.

Nike Sports Bra Medium Support

for each column? As a geek, I far preferred that because I had more control. As someone looking at this with the eye of your average user, this system is better. A bit like comparing vi and Textmate, I guess.

Nike Sports Bra Medium Support

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I really like the new setup. For example, say I'm looking for a domain that starts with the word "dog" and ends with "cat" or "cats"; I would like to be able to search "dogcat?" instead of 2 boxes over 2 searches (one for the "cat" suffix and one for the "cats" suffix).

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´╗┐Short domain name search

Nike Sports Bra Medium Support

jcrocholl New Nike Sweater Online

Spectacular, and FAST!One small note, from my experience: it wasn't immediately obvious that results would appear right away, partly because of the drop down and submit button at the bottom.

Nike Sports Bra Medium Support

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Nike Sports Bra Medium Support

Nike Sports Bra Medium Support

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Nike Sports Bra Medium Support

Actually, I have now enabled the search indexes for the following prefix+suffix combinations: 4+1, 3+2, 3+1, 2+1, 2+2, 1+1, 1+2, 1+3, 2+3, 1+4. 5+3 will use cached 4+1 and then filter the results in the browser with JavaScript.

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Thanks for the answer, I agree with all your points. I'm just saying that still, there is a small technical difference from open source desktop software: technically, in this case, I can not verify that the source code you release is exactly the code that you are running on the server, just that the code reproduces all the "visible" functionality of the site. I wonder if there exists such a place for hosting trusted web apps, where one could publish source code and they would certify that the actual code running on the server is the same.

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Nike Sports Bra Medium Support

Nike Sports Bra Medium Support

Nike Sports Bra Medium Support

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