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Nike Socks Mid Calf

Barber was not alone in her anger and surprise.

Nike Socks Mid Calf

Schneider said members of the organization began contacting the club Sunday night to coordinate fundraising efforts to replace the equipment. Schneider said the organization likely will continue to take kids Nike Joggers Mens Black

"It's really sad," Schneider said. "I think it'll be shocking for our kids."

"It's terrible that they would take this away from (Arella) and the community," Barber said. "I never thought something like this would happen."

Boy Girls Club

Nike Socks Mid Calf

Nike Socks Mid Calf

Vehicles slowed down as they passed the park Monday morning, their drivers trying to catch a glimpse of the destruction.

Nike Socks Mid Calf

But a senseless act of vandalism arson, fire officials say made Arella's wish impossible. The playground equipment she wanted to climb on and slide down was a pile of charred rubble and melted plastic.

Barber said she was thankful the fire was contained to the play structure at the park and didn't spread to the surrounding homes.

Nike Socks Mid Calf

Holzman mentioned she was outraged not only by the senseless and "pathetic" actions of those who started the fire, but also the fact it occurred on Mother's Day.

Fond du Lac Police Department investigators do not have anyone in custody, but they are looking for two males and two females who were seen in the area shortly before the fire was reported Sunday night.

"My oldest was just asking on Saturday to go to the park again soon," Herman said. "This was senseless. Who does something like this?"

each day in the summer.

The park was a popular destination for kids who attend the Nike Socks Elite 2017

´╗┐shocked by playground destruction at Hamilton Park

Robert Scanlon and Amanda Holzman live next to the park on Hamilton Place and witnessed flames from the blaze Sunday night. Holzman said she often takes her son, who is almost 8, to the park.

Karissa Schneider, director of operations of the Boys Nike Socks Mid Calf and Girls Club, said kids visit Hamilton Park for recess three or four times Nike Sweaters For Girls Black

"We saw flames and lots of smoke," Holzman said. "And the next thing you know, (the play equipment) is gone."

Boys and Girls Club of Fond du Lac now housed at the YMCA but once part of the former Hamilton Building that was part of Hamilton Park.

The Barbers live near Hamilton Park and Jessica Barber said she takes her daughter to the park frequently. When she saw early postings about the fire on Facebook, Barber said she went to the park and saw the main playground equipment engulfed in flames.

Nike Socks Mid Calf

"Mommy, I just want to play," 3 year old Arella Barber told her mother Monday morning when the pair arrived at Hamilton Park.

Nike Socks Mid Calf

Nike Socks Mid Calf

Joe Herman lives next door to the park. He said he saw photos of the aftermath on Facebook Sunday night, but had to check it out for himself Monday morning. Herman said he often takes his three children to the park.

"Without equipment, there's not much to do over there," Schneider said. "We'll just have to be more creative."

to the park this summer, but instructors will need to come up with alternate activities in the park's green spaces.

Nike Socks Mid Calf

"It's just idiotic," Herman said. "This park is part of the community."

Nike Socks Mid Calf

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