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Depardieu's former wife said his latest dramas have a deeper Nike Legging Men

up to two years in jail, Caumont said.

The prime minister's new epithet for Depardieu "pathetic" set the actor off again. In an open letter in mid December, Depardieu said the country he loved was no longer home to him.

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Similar excuses are commonly accepted in French court, according to Christopher Mesnooh, another lawyer in Paris who is not linked to the Depardieu case. But missing a second hearing will not get the same understanding, Mesnooh noted.

PARIS In the last three days, Gerard Depardieu met with Vladimir Putin to get Russian citizenship, got a prime seat at soccer's biggest annual gala in Switzerland and dashed off to Montenegro to eye some real estate.

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"I'm leaving because you believe that success, creativity, in fact, differences should be punished," he wrote. "I won't cast a stone at (people) who have cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes or too much alcohol or those who fall asleep on their scooter: I am one of them, as you dear media outlets like so much to repeat."

On Saturday, he received a Russian passport directly from Putin; on Monday he appeared at the FIFA awards ceremony in Zurich. And on Tuesday he was in Montenegro, apparently looking at property and meeting with the prime minister.

It's not the actor's first tangle with alcohol. In 1998, Depardieu crashed his motorcycle when his blood alcohol Nike Dri Fit T Shirt

"He has a tempest Nike Sleeveless Zip Up Hoodie within him and is deeply unhappy," Elisabeth Depardieu told RTL in a radio interview. "In leaving (France), I don't think he's fully realized what he's done."

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But in all this whirlwind travel, he didn't manage to show up at a Paris court hearing Tuesday to face drunken driving charges because, his lawyer said, he had a vital meeting abroad for an upcoming film.

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level was five times over the legal limit, escaping with leg and face injuries.

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Nike Sleeveless Zip Up Hoodie

The lawyer insisted that Depardieu, who has threatened to renounce his French citizenship and turn in his passport and social security card, wasn't trying to dodge justice.

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Still, the hearing on a relatively minor charge was elevated to criminal court.

´╗┐show on drunk driving charges

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Depardieu's lawyer Eric de Caumont said his client was not trying to dodge French justice, but was abroad "meeting the producers of a movie," whose filming in New York will begin in January. He did not elaborate.

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Depardieu has previously starred in films such as "Green Card" and "Cyrano de Bergerac."

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Depardieu's battles against the French government and French justice began nearly at the same time. In November, he fell off his scooter in Paris and was charged with drunken driving. The following week, the mayor of a Belgian border town announced that the man whose roles in 150 films have all but defined French drama had set up house there to avoid rising French taxes.

The drunken driving hearing will now be deferred to a criminal court and he could lose his driving license and could face Nike Sweater Blue


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