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whose presences implies the possibility of

a manager is a disruptive figure to a coder,

sudden changes of course, and who can't beYou mean a bad manager. If this is not what you meant then I invite you to clarify them. I have found that many managers are unaware of how much a formal relationship hurts open communication, and how much effort must be expended to maintain an atmosphere of honesty. In my experience most programmers most employees for that matter tell their managers what their managers want to hear. I use various techniques, but I make sure my programmers, and employees in general, can give me bad news without fear of personal repercussions. This includes telling me when they've screwed up. No one gets punished for that. The only things I demand are honesty and consideration/diplomacy. I and some senior colleagues managed a semi hostile management buyout. I accept that it wasn't intended personally, but wanted you to be aware of how it could be construed, and how potentially destructive attitudes like that can be.

payroll system at the last minute. Either (1) the payroll update could wait until the last minute corrections were made during daylight hours and tested appropriately, or (2) the inherent drop dead date for the change (perhaps a regulatory requirement?) should have led to the system being tested and approved by business users (who understood the requirements much better than the BA) well Nike Sleeveless Performance Pullover Hoodie before the drop dead date. Either way, something was broken, and it wasn't the manager sitting in the cube at 2AM.

´╗┐Should Manager Stay or Go

Nike Sleeveless Performance Pullover Hoodie

I don't give much credence to the "moral support" thing a manager is a disruptive figure to a coder, whose presences implies the possibility of sudden changes of course, and who can't be If you want a coder working in "the zone", then stay away! But the real question the manager should be asking is: am I going to be the bottleneck for a decision that needs to be made, for knowledge only I have (such as the root password on "live"), for some likely situation where I need to pull rank over the phone to get a 3rd party to move in a hurry? If yes, stay (and stay quiet). If no, go home.

Nike Sleeveless Performance Pullover Hoodie

Nike Sleeveless Performance Pullover Hoodie

Nike Sleeveless Performance Pullover Hoodie

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It's amazing how well Slashdot's comment/karma system works, despite 10 years of frankly inexplicable web site management. People will soon be burnt out and will leave.

Nike Sleeveless Performance Pullover Hoodie

I once worked for a large, old school company where a large system had begun to fail. Management decided to fix it by assigning tech folks to 12 hour shifts 24/7 coverage! Each shift would report to the next before leaving to sleep. I'm very bad at time shifting and especially inept without sleep, so I was all but worthless. It quickly became clear that the middle managers involved cared more about making upper management think they cared about the problem than actually fixing it. Finally, they gave up on putting their software factory into full production and instituted more normal hours. The root cause of the problem was that middle management was rewarded for making projects "come in on time" and the technical quality of the work was never evaluated. Furthermore, when tracing was finally enabled, the application (which rarely served over 100 simultaneous users) was making thousands of DB calls per second. Since no one in a position of power knew how much had to have gone wrong to get to this point, these "oversights" had no effect on managerial evaluations.2. The project's post mortem was initially limited to reviewing the tactics used to fight the fire once it was noticed. I, the ever unpopular guy, suggested loudly that we discuss why we had to fight a fire in the first place. Lucklily, others quickly piled on, and the discussion shifted toward prevention. No wonder I didn't stay there too long. But, my core point is that the discussion in the article surrounded what a good manager ought to do when developers must work at 3 AM. Perhaps the real question that ought to be asked is, Why do developers have to work at 3AM so often? In the example I gave above, management was GREAT at providing pizza, coffee, and encouragement. Perhaps it is because it is so easy to measure? The article cited the need to re work a Nike T Shirt Red

If a manager does not trust his/her employee to deliver on a feature by a given deadline (even if that is 8am tomorrow morning) then he/she is to blame. The request to the programmer should not even make it to them if you don't believe that they can deliver. At that point it's a management/political decision. Asking an employee to stay late to fix a problem when you yourself have not stayed late previously to further understand the technologies at hand is hypocrisy. Whether or not you are aware of it, your development team is self organizing itself around perceived ability and trust within the department. Damage control is the name of the game at that point. It may be tempting to expose your developers to the risk of not delivering. But, if that does occur and consequences arise because you over promised a deadline then resentment will take hold in your subordinates. Contempt and resentment will often undermine this process and ensure that situations like the one at hand will remain mostly cyclical.

Nike Sleeveless Performance Pullover Hoodie

Nike Sleeveless Performance Pullover Hoodie

out of vindictiveness if there's nothing they can do.

Nike Sleeveless Performance Pullover Hoodie

Interesting question. When I was the developer, I tried to convince the manager to leave. Bad enough to ruin my own day; I'm not going to ruin his/hers Nike T Shirt For Men

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Nike Sleeveless Performance Pullover Hoodie

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Nike Sleeveless Performance Pullover Hoodie

Nike Sleeveless Performance Pullover Hoodie

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