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Nike Sleeveless Hoodie

Judge Geoffrey Marson QC said: "This amounted to a campaign Nike T Shirt Man

Joe Howey, 24, of Fenton Place, Leeds, admitted two charges of conspiracy and was jailed for six years.

Nike Sleeveless Hoodie

Nike Sleeveless Hoodie

of armed robbery. A substantial amount of cash and property was stolen and very little recovered.

Nike Sleeveless Hoodie

after admitting robbery at The Gold Shop.

Nike Sleeveless Hoodie

James Beeston, 23, of Temple View Road, East End Park, Leeds, admitted two charges of conspiracy and was jailed for ten years.

"What these people did that day was horrible, dreadful and I bet they Nike Sleeveless Hoodie never gave a second thought to what they have done to mine and others lives."

"The targets were commercial premises and cash in transit vehicles. They were professionally carried out, carefully planned, prepared and executed.

"On occasions vehicles were stolen for the purpose of committing these robberies, other vehicles were secreted to enable your getaway and obviously some premises had been watched to ascertain the time of cash deliveries."

Nike Sleeveless Hoodie

Benjamin Sidlow, 26, of East Grange Drive, Belle Isle, Leeds, admitted two charges of conspiracy to rob and was jailed for 12 years.

Nike Sleeveless Hoodie

Nike Sleeveless Hoodie

victims had been profound. "Decent hard working people have had their lives blighted by these offences, for some of them life will never be the same again."

"These offences were carefully planned as part of an organised criminal enterprise based purely on greed for money to fund a lifestyle that none of them could legitimately afford."

Judge Marson said some vehicles were also destroyed to avoid risk of detection, they carried weapons and covered their faces.

The court heard seven robberies were committed during the series of offences and 210,000 of cash or goods stolen.

Nike Sleeveless Hoodie

He said the psychological impact on some of the Sweatpants Nike

´╗┐Shop worker tells court of her terror as jewel raid gang jailed for 42 years

A fifth man Liam Benson, 30, of Third Avenue, Rothwell, Leeds, was jailed for eight years at Bradford Crown Court in July Nike Sweater Burgundy

She said the shop had security doors and bullet proof glass. "I thought I was safe, I thought nobody could get in and I was wrong. I still do not feel safe.

After the case Detective Chief Inspector Lisa Atkinson said: "These men played their part in a terrifying series of armed robberies where violence was used, and threatened, and staff and customers were put in genuine fear and left badly traumatised.

Jason Vollans, 29, of Folly Lane, Beeston, Leeds, was jailed for 14 years after he admitted one charge of conspiracy to rob, including an offence where a sawn off shotgun was brandished.

Nike Sleeveless Hoodie

Nike Sleeveless Hoodie

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