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He would not say what caliber of bullet was fired from the handgun.

there can be other circumstances apart from entering the country illegally that pique ICE's interest.

or patrons were in danger when there was an alleged murderer in the restaurant with a loaded gun?

The body of Ali's twin, 19 year old Wasel Ali, was found on Aug. 27, 2007, in a wooded area of Columbia. He suffered a neck injury and died of asphyxiation after several minutes of pressure having been applied to his neck.

Is it just me or does this article raise a lot more questions than it answers about this incident? If this store owner is here illegally, then how did he get a business license? While the gun may not have been his, he was possessing it during the time of the incident, so shouldn't one of our many gun laws be applied here as an added charge? Was the victim wanted by the Maryland police? How can you say that no employees Nike Black Tech Fleece Joggers

The gun belonged to Ali, said Officer David Baldwin, spokesman for the Marietta Police Department, who is a "very, very, very close family friend" and was showing Sanad a firearm in the kitchen of theAli was not an employee of Laziza.

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No desrespect but before you go commenting on things try to put yourself in there shoes if you were innocent would you want people being negative. I used to work for this family and have actuallying gotten really close to them, the sanads are great people. so let me answer your questions since you have so many and as politely as possible. 1st he is not here illegally he came here the correct way with a work visa. And the can say that no one was in danger bc one he isn't a murderer, and two if the employees thought they were in danger then why the hell did they come in for there shift today. Ali was a great man, and M. Sanad is too. He would never even hurt a fly and woul. Give the shirt on his back to someone in greater need. I never met anyone so kind and caring of someone they barely even know. But that is how he is. And he treated Ali And everyone else like they were apart of his family, and even though you think negative things about him and are wishing he would get charged with more if he met you he would respect your opinion and pray for nothing but the best for you. He truly is a good man and if I didn't think so I would have not kept in contact with the family after leaving the job.

A crowd soon gathered outside the restaurant while multiple emergency vehicles surrounded the Square.

"I was outside and about 10 cop cars pulled through at once," Costello said.

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Nike Sleeveless

Sanad is accused of pointing a black semi automatic handgun at Ali and pulling the trigger, believing the safety was on, and killing Ali, according to the arrest warrant.

It's "alarming," she said, that a shooting accidental or not can take place anywhere, even in public.

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A mistrial was declared after 18 hours of unsuccessful jury deliberation, and though Ali remained the prime suspect in the case, prosecutors said they would no longer pursue murder charges.

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Nike Sleeveless

´╗┐Shooting death at restaurant and hookah bar on the square is ruled an accident

"Girls are hysterically crying," Costello said.

Sanad is being held for the federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

Ali was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Nike Sleeveless

Jail records indicate Sanad lives in Alpharetta and remains in jail on a $20,000 bond.

Hysteria on the Square

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Christine Costello, a waitress at Willie Rae's, was working at the restaurant that is a block west of Laziza Friday night and heard the commotion that followed the shooting.

accidentally fired a gun in the kitchen area. at the Mediterranean

"More often than not it does mean they're here illegally," Col. Don Bartlett of the Cobb Sheriff's Office said of the ICE hold. He said Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Aeroloft Men's Down Jacket

MARIETTA A man thought by Maryland officials to have murdered his twin was killed on the Square when police say the owner of a local restaurant Nike Tech Fleece Shorts Polka Dot

Baldwin said the bullet did not exit the victim's body and no customers or employees were in danger.

Quick response from police

David Reardon, owner of Shillings restaurant on the Square, said he has never seen a shooting Nike Sleeveless take place on the Square in the more than 30 years that he has been in business.

Two Marietta police officers were doing a routine patrol of the Square and were outside of the theater next door when they heard the gunshot. Baldwin said the officers rushed in, secured the scene and talked to witnesses who confirmed it was a "tragic accident."

Baldwin said Sanad was "careless" and pointed the gun toward Ali, who was hit in the front of his throat.

On another note, how is this place still in business?

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