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were sitting there, chairs were lying on the floor, Pandya said. traumatized by this. 27, she just finished paying for a purchase we heard loud noises, like people falling on the ground.

´╗┐Shooting mayhem at Eaton Centre

it at nearby shoppers and food court patrons, while continuing to trigger the handgun, Neves Polonio said.

did hit a couple of people, including a man and woman my age, plus several other victims.

As ambulances converged on St. Michael hospital, teams of ETF officers drove Nike Shorts With Leggings quickly to the Eaton Centre, where their sirens competed with a live concert singer at Dundas Square.

Nike Shorts With Leggings

Nike Shorts With Leggings

Nike Shorts With Leggings

Nike Shorts With Leggings

fired . in the air, then calmly pointed Nike Mens Bottoms

He said investigators were trying to determine how many victims were shot and those injured in the melee of escaping patrons.

Store surveillance images were also being collected by investigators.

Three hours later, as investigators tried to piece together witness accounts Nike Sweater Zipper

Marcus Neves Polonio, who works in the food court, said was absolute mayhem. 19 year old said the centre was unusually busy for a Saturday evening if you fire a gun, everyone is going to panic. less than a metre away, near the Big Smoke Burger, literally saw a guy pull out a gun.

But as the gunfire continued, Neves Polonio said dove under a table then ran . I was really scared. I never seen anything like that. the shooting stopped, helped some people leave, and police said to evacuate. Pandya, who lives downtown, said he heard the shots while shopping with girlfriend Joe Rai in an Aldo shoe store overlooking the food court.

Nike Shorts With Leggings

Two women and another man were left in serious condition, and a woman was grazed by a projectile as the gunman kept firing into a crowd, Kwong said.

and reports from doctors as the hunt continued for the shooter, Const. Victor Kwong told reporters a 13 year old boy and a 20 year old man remained in critical condition.

Martin said police Nike Sports Bra Cheap

Describing the killer as a dark skinned man wearing a hoodie and baggy pants, the Eaton Centre staffer said he appeared to be crazy . mentally unstable.

were babies in strollers, she said. saw people lying there and there was a pool of blood. mall security and Toronto Police, Rai said while many shoppers were evacuated quickly, others were kept inside stores for about 15 minutes as officers tried to determine if the gunman was still inside the centre. Queen St.

were poring over TTC security video in an attempt to learn the gunman identity or his escape route.

A pregnant woman knocked down as thousands of people tried to flee went into labour, Kwong added. Her status and that of her baby were not immediately available.

Nike Shorts With Leggings

began running for their lives, Pandya, 28, told The Toronto Sun. never saw anything like this before. he looked over a balcony railing, saw a black man, about 27 or 28, lying on the bottom of the food court.

Nike Shorts With Leggings

Nike Shorts With Leggings

Nike Shorts With Leggings

Outside the Eaton Centre, police Chief Bill Blair appealed for anyone with information to call 52 Division at 416 808 5200.

Nike Shorts With Leggings

As colleagues cordoned off Yonge St. between Dundas and Queen Sts., a police officer drove an ambulance to nearby St. Michael hospital as paramedics worked on the man taken from the centre.

The Eaton Centre will remain closed Sunday after a man was gunned down Saturday evening and seven others including a pregnant woman and a young teenager were injured at the packed downtown mall.

Nike Shorts With Leggings

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