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I explained the comps, why the prices are what they are and informed him as much as I could about his neighborhood sales.

Nike Parka Jackets

open and honest instead of the normal approach of making the offer, signing the PA and hoping to find a buyer and use a contigency of a partner or inspection report as my out. I feel like this is a lie because I don't have a partner and I don't plan to get an inspection.

Nike Parka Jackets

Nike Parka Jackets

I run my rentals this way. Honesty from the get go and it seems to work really well for me. I have found very few sellers that are bothered by the situation, provided you follow through. Generally, few people seem to care WHO buys the house, provided that it is fast and hassle free for them. Hi, I was thinking of you and your home today. Were you able to get that buyer signed up for your dad place. Answer is no. No, what happened? Well I was thinking today that you and your brother should do what I was going to do and then sell it or turn it into you first rental, have you guys thought about doing that? 99% of the time they won do it. Well what do you guys think you will do now? I tell you what, why don you give me that buyers info and maybe I can suggest something you all will like and you can buy me a steak dinner. And so on and so on. Sorry wanted to give more detail but the bride is calling. Good luck.

Nike Parka Jackets

in reality, it's just being Nike Windrunner Pants

me he had turned down an offer of $30K cash already. So I took this into consideration.

Short version: I listened to his story. Inspected the property. House is in Nike Parka Jackets great shape. Everything mechanical is new from 5 years ago including the roof and a brand new garage.

, I tried calling the seller yesterday but he is on vacation this week apparently. So I will touch base with him next week and try your approach. I like that. It will get them thinking. They have been dealing with the house since June.

Nike Parka Jackets

Hey experienced wholesalers, I made an offer on a property last week. It was a lead I received from a car salesman actually. I was looking for my Escalade and my advertising I had on my Dodge caught his eye. A month later he was contacting me to sell his fathers house.

After two days I called back with my offer of $23K and explained why. It still needs the kitchen and bath completely remodeled before the property will bring the $50K. I also suggested he might want to try and get in touch with the person who offered the $30K as that is a better offer than I am able to give him.

My approach would be letting me get it under contract for a specified amount of time to market it to other investors for them. Obviously this is the same I am already trying to do but in this instance I would let them know exactly what I am doing but also allowing me an out if I can't get the number they are looking for. Also, this will only work if they can come close to my offer because of what does still need to be done with the house.

So my question, it has been a week and am thinking of doing a follow up phone call. Do you suggest this?

´╗┐Should I follow up on my offer

Market shows a sale price of around $50K looking at comps. He told Nike Winter Coats For Girls

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Nike Parka Jackets

I'm thinking of suggesting to forward the deal to someone else if they can give me a number they want. I asked this once before but they didn't know what they were looking to get for a sale price.

Nike Parka Jackets

Nike Parka Jackets

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Nike Parka Jackets

Nike Parka Jackets

He was very polite and I think giving him information helped earn his trust more also. At the end of the conversation he stated he will talk to his brother and get back with me.

Nike Parka Jackets

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