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Exposed bra straps have often been perceived as "distasteful" in public. But now a London business is solving the tricky problem while adding some oomph to women's wardrobes at an affordable price.

Le Claire said surprisingly, the straps are rarely flashed by the "club crowd." She said her typical customers fall in the 30 to 45 year old bracket, but she stressed the straps are for everyone.

Nike Parka Jacket

and affordable," Le Claire said. "I wanted to (offer) something completely different."

"(If bling) is how you want to express yourself, there is nothing wrong about it," she said. "Wear (the straps) for yourself. You don't have Nike Short Sleeve Hoodie Mens

"I wanted to do something that was unique, different Nike Sleeveless Workout Shirts

"One thing about people in London is that they like exclusivity and a lot of women in London are looking to unique pieces of jewelry," she said.

Nike Parka Jacket

Selling for about $20 to $45 a pair, the straps can be worn as an accessory with different outfits from formal off shoulder dresses to more casual tube tops and even bathing suits giving women an alternative to clear Nike V Neck

Although fancy, the rhinestone and crystal studded bra straps are also functional. The straps clip directly onto the bra just like traditional straps and can be adjusted with the help of a simple hook at the back.

Nike Parka Jacket

Nike Parka Jacket

Bling Boutique straps, Le Claire added, empower women to express themselves with shining crystals.

Nike Parka Jacket

She has also exposed the product at small vendor events recently. Women, Le Claire said, are wowed when they come face to face with the blingy straps.

Nike Parka Jacket

Kristina Le Claire has set up Bling Boutique, a business dedicated to selling bejeweled bra straps that serve the dual purpose of support and style.

latex and plastic straps.

Le Claire started the business in the spring of 2010 after spotting something similar online. Since then she's been importing crystal and rhinestone studded straps for her customers in London and the surrounding area.

"There are some women who like the product, but think they are too old. But, I don't think anyone is too old for it," she said.

Nike Parka Jacket

Nike Parka Jacket

Nike Parka Jacket

"They go 'oh, wow' because they think it is jewelry at first," she said. "And as soon as they realize it is bra straps they all have the same expression. They go 'that's so cool.'"

to wear them to impress a man. It's like putting on makeup or perfume. It makes you look pretty."

Nike Parka Jacket

Of the people who spot the straps, Le Claire said '99 per cent' stop and stare.

She added the straps are gaining popularity and she is Nike Parka Jacket even seeing repeat customers.

Le Claire is also planning to add a custom line of one of a kind handmade straps using Swarovski crystals. She estimated the price of such straps would be anywhere between $100 and $250.

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Nike Parka Jacket

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