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"So I issued a claim against them Nike Tank Top Dri Fit

Bassat Yousaf, 19, had 240 taken from his account after his wallet containing a credit card was stolen from his car last month. He contacted police about the theft but Lloyds TSB refused to pay the cash back to the teenager as it had been taken using Bassat's pin. Judges at Oldham County Court ordered the bank to pay back the money.

He added: "Lloyds shouldn't be acting the way they are. They are one of the biggest banks in the country. I am just gobsmacked that a multi national bank do not want Nike Grey Shorts

A shopkeeper has called in a bailiff to collect Nike Parka Aeroloft money owed to his son by a bank.

´╗┐Shopkeeper sends in bailiff to collect son

This now means a court bailiff is set to visit the bank to demand the cash and a 100 fee.

Nike Parka Aeroloft

A spokesman for Lloyds TSB said a cheque had been sent to Oldham County Court for the full amount owed to the customer.

Nike Parka Aeroloft

and the judge ordered they pay the money back immediately. After they still had not paid, I used a warrant of execution for bailiffs against the bank which was passed by the court.

Mohammed, 44, who runs a general store on Milkstone Road, said: "My son reported it to the bank straight away and Nike Leggings Flash

Nike Parka Aeroloft

Nike Parka Aeroloft

Nike Parka Aeroloft

to pay 240. The bailiff will now go into the bank and ask for the money, and failing that will be able to take property up to the value."

Nike Parka Aeroloft

"I haven't had to use a solicitor and all you have to do is pay a small fee."

But after his son failed to receive the money, Mohammed, from Castleton, Rochdale, went back to court and asked for a warrant for a bailiff to take the money which was accepted.

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Nike Parka Aeroloft

Nike Parka Aeroloft

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said someone is using his money but using his chip and pin. He has no idea how someone got his number. I decided to register a complaint through Lloyds. I told them I'd take further action.

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Nike Parka Aeroloft

Nike Parka Aeroloft

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