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We are putting in a lower offer on a house we had our eye on and if we get it we need to redo the kitchen. Which has been gutted (no cabinets, counters, sinks, appliances, etc.,) So my question is, there is a place where it looked like it had a built in dishwasher. Being this will be a rental would you put another dishwasher in?

Well for anyone to give you a black and white yes/no is really impossible. Clearly as you can see it depends on where you come from you have one yes and one very clear no.

I agree with one point Mike made above this is a business so look at this objectively Nike Winter Coats For Boys

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How much is the rent? If this is a normal lower or lower middle income rental ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Don confuse yourself with the tenants. You not a lower class tenant are you? You not going to be living in your rental are you? The purpose of a rental is to make money not make low income tenants happy by treating them like middle class citizens!

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My wife was born in Jamaica into a very poor and broken family, At forty years old she got married for the first time to me.

´╗┐should we put in dishwasher

I always heard the more appliances, the more future maintenance which makes sense. However, if we don put in the dishwasher, will that turn people off from renting the place?

No, I not an elitist, but on the other hand I not a lazy riff raff deadbeat being supported by the government (hardworking taxpayers) either. Low income tenants are low income tenants precisely because they consistently make bad decisions. They have illegitimate kids by multiple men; they drink too much and do drugs; they drop out of high school in favor of being a petty criminal; they are too lazy to work; they have to use one hand to hold their pants up as they walk down the street, etc. In other words, they get what they deserve. I take that back they get MORE than they deserve! When I get to be The Chosen One housing czar, they all be living under a bridge. Until then, I provide safe and clean housing and collect the money that the government (the taxpayer) is wasting to house these people.

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Oh, boy. You are such an elitist.

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2. How much does the above cost you VS how much a dishwasher costs

Look at similar units in your area that rent at a simliar price. Do they have dishwashers? If not, you certainly don need one in yours!

My take on it is that it really depends on the level of renter you expect. Unlike mike, I do believe that having a tenant happy makes it less likely for frequent turnovers. However, if you rent to low income tenant, less is more. Every time I get the weakness and attempt to put a piece of appliance in any of my properties in Alabama, My PM always say: "remember who they going to turn to when it breaks down". My Texas properties are different. It is rented to higher end, professionals tenants and they expect it.

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all that is because she is smart and tenacious. People make good decisions because they are smart. Those who make bad decisions and never learn from it are not bad people, just simply not lucky enough to be smart, They pretty much doomed and they don deserve to be punished for it.

1. What are you going to do with the space if you don put in a dishwasher

Why maybe? Well I think it also depends on the type of landlord you are not just the type of business person you are.

3. You can put in your lease an exemption for the dishwasher it breaks they fix it they go into the lease knowing it is their problem not yours

I invest in lower income areas all over Nike Pant Men the country and I can tell you it depends. What does it depend on?

Oh, boy. You are such an elitist. But I hate to agree with you, somewhat. I can tell you probably dealing with section 8 a lot.

BTW, you don need a dishwasher to make low income tenants happy.

4. What does the area call for? Meaning if other homes have appliances then you might have to as well if no one has appliances as rentals then you don have to

Finally, never put in ANYTHING that has moving parts unless absolutely necessary. That includes dishwashers, garbage Nike Sweatpant Shorts Mens

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and from a biz standpoint if it will make or save you $$ down the road then maybe if it will just cost you more then it is worth then maybe.

She picked herself by the boot straps, as they say and got two jobs while going to school to become a special education teacher which she completed. She bought herself a house and now is studying to become a nurse. Now, the only two reason that she could achieved Nike Sportswear Rally Relaxed Fleece Pants

5. Will putting it in give you an advantage either in a few bucks more each month or a quicker rental saving you on holding costs?

disposals, ceiling fans, etc. How much maintenance do you want to do (or pay for)?

So I say MAYBE is the right answer :)

She has two kids from one man and another kid from another man none of whom she was married to.

To MikeOH,

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