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"If they were targeting us and shooting at cyclists, I hope they get caught and prosecuted," Hardy continued.

The Greenville County Sheriff's Office is investigating a report of shots fired near bicyclists on the Swamp Rabbit Trail Tuesday evening.

Hardy is also convinced someone was shooting a firearm Tuesday evening.

Nike Mens Parka Jacket

Deputies said it is not yet known if the gunfire was directed at the bikers Cullen Fahey and Nike Tank Top Hoodie

Nike Mens Parka Jacket

The Sheriff's Office does remind everyone to travel in groups, have a cellphone with you and be mindful of the markings along the trail to provide to law enforcement if you do have an emergency.

"It seemed to me that it matched the traffic that was coming by. A pattern of shots," Fahey said.

"This is a playground. People come out here and play and it's not a place to go target practicing," Hardy said.

Nike Mens Parka Jacket

Nike Mens Parka Jacket

Both said they don't know when they'll ride the trail again.

Andy Cirelli said, "I feel very comfortable and safe on the trail. I see no reason for concern or alarm. I think it's well lit. I think it's protected and patrolled by the Nike Men Socks

Nike Mens Parka Jacket

Fahey and Hardy said they heard several shots coming from the north side of the trail and striking against a raised berm on Nike Green Pants

The Greenville County Sheriff's Office said it is taking measures to continue to ensure the safety of all citizens who utilize the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Trail users may see an increase of uniform deputies on the trail and the Sheriff's Office will use other law enforcement tactics in an effort to prevent any further similar incidents from occurring.

Sheriff's Office. I think they do a good job."

´╗┐Shots fired along Swamp Rabbit Trail

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Fahey said he heard gunshots Nike Mens Parka Jacket a few minutes earlier, before he saw some cyclists pass him.

"It's not worth my life to be leisurely getting my exercise in and relieving my stress just for someone's entertainment," Fahey said.

Fahey said the shooting stopped, and Hardy ran into him, landed in a ditch and got banged up.

Fahey said after he saw the bullets fly near him, he slammed on his brakes, jumped off his bike and pulled out his gun.

Nike Mens Parka Jacket

Nike Mens Parka Jacket

Nike Mens Parka Jacket

And not everyone is worried about safety on the trail.

"Whoever was shooting at me, I announced we were down here and they needed to stop shooting or I would shoot back," Fahey said.

Nike Mens Parka Jacket

"I don't like to think somebody was targeting people specifically riding bikes. I'm not saying it wasn't. I'm just saying I don't know what their intention was. I certainly hope that's not the case, but that very well could be," Hardy said.

the south side of the trail.

Chad Hardy, or if it was someone using a firearm recklessly that didn't intend to hurt anyone.

Nike Mens Parka Jacket

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