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Shirley Anne, in fur lined chocolate cloak and beige sweater, was surprised by the changes.

Nike Mens Leggings 3/4

´╗┐Shirley Anne on memory land

woman with whom Arthur is having an affair; the actress died in 1980].

Shirley Ann's tour took her from the backstreets of NG7 and The Forest Goose Fair features in the film to the site of the Raleigh factory, where Arthur earned his wages, and Radford pub the White Horse, where he spent them.

"The set for the bar at the White Horse was in the studio at Twickenham but I was disappointed to see the pub itself has gone" the building is now a takeaway restaurant "and although there are now nicely built houses at Raleigh, it seemed rather sad."

Nike Mens Leggings 3/4

Nike Mens Leggings 3/4

"It remains a favourite film. Being cast in The Entertainer changed my life and the success of Saturday Night And Sunday Morning consolidated that change."

Nike Mens Leggings 3/4

Shirley Anne has warm memories of working Nike Mens Leggings 3/4 in a strong, tight knit team. "I still care a great deal for Albert and I still miss Rachel [Roberts, who won a Bafta for playing Brenda, the older Nike Sports Bra Girls

"The director, Karel Reisz, sat us down and we all had tea, poached eggs on toast. We were full of optimism because we felt we were breaking the mould with Alan Sillitoe's story making something special of working class people; making them and their accents sexy."

Nike Mens Leggings 3/4

"And I wish I'd done more with Karel. I was very upset when he died."

Nike Mens Leggings 3/4

Shirley Anne Field officially opens Saturday Night And Sunday Morning The Authentic Moment In British Photography, at the Djanogly Gallery at Nottingham's Lakeside Arts Centre on November 17. It can be seen until February 10.

Nike Mens Leggings 3/4

We are on the back row of one of the Savoy's crimson and gold auditoria during a tour of locations used by Reisz for Sillitoe's story of blue collar Nottingham life.

"That was a much different accent," she says."The one in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning was a pleasure to do because as an actress at that time you got fed up with Nike T Shirt Gym

Nike Mens Leggings 3/4

the essence of the world that Sillitoe portrayed. We're honoured to have Shirley Anne Field opening the exhibition."

A famous still from the film shows Albert Finney as Arthur and Shirley Anne Field as Doreen on a date at the Savoy, in Derby Road. Finney, most recently seen in the new Bond flick Skyfall (now showing at the Savoy), is not there to replicate the scene but Jeremy Lewis (theatre CV: spear carrier in several school plays) was an unconvincing stand in.

The actress has just finished touring in The Cemetery Gang, in which she played a New York Jewish widow.

all that 'received pronunciation'.

Nike Mens Leggings 3/4

Nike Mens Leggings 3/4

The Czech born director, pioneer of realist British cinema, died in 2002. Iconic black and white stills are featured at Lakeside with other photography depicting working life in the mid 20th century. Gallery curator Neil Walker says: "Saturday Night And Sunday Morning, the book and film, helped to define a particular moment in time and was a hugely important and popular cultural event for Nottingham. This exhibition sets out to capture New Nike T Shirt Online

Nike Mens Leggings 3/4

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