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Nike Mens Gilet

in Burin where she completed an office administrative executive program. She's hoping to find work in her field, she said.

"There wasn't one day that I was alone and that helped a lot with how I accepted the colostomy," she said.

Nike Mens Gilet

Collins had the colostomy reversed after nine months.

"It's a horrible disease. You suffer so, so much with it, and the procedures you have to go through, even to get diagnosed, isn't pleasant."

She said the support of family and friends helped a great deal during her sickness.

A specialist in St. John's made the final diagnosis, and while it was a long time coming, things happened quickly to save the young woman's life when doctors determined that her bowel had perforated.

Collins' surgery involved getting a colostomy.

A colostomy is an opening in the belly (abdominal wall) that is made during surgery. The end of the colon (large intestine) is brought through the opening to form a stoma. After a colostomy has been created, the intestines work just like they did before, only the Nike Jackets Winter

"I was really sick. I almost died from it. I lost 40 45 pounds from being so sick. I was in and out of the Burin hospital for almost a year. The last time I was in there was for a week. Then they rushed me to St. John's," Collins said during a recent telephone interview.

Nike Mens Gilet

Collins said there are many myths about Crohn's disease. It's hard to explain how painful the disease is.

Nike Mens Gilet

Nike Mens Gilet

´╗┐She's got guts

Crohn's and Colitis Canada hosts the Gutsy Walk. The event is the organization's largest fundraising initiative of the year, according to Kathy Power, Crohn's and Colitis Canada's development coordinator for Newfoundland and Labrador.

Nike Mens Gilet

colostomy, rather than the anus, becomes the exit for stool.

"The walk is an opportunity for us to walk together, showing those we care about that they are not alone."

Over 233,000 Canadians suffer from Crohn's disease and or ulcerative colitis.

This Sunday, Collins, now 24, will be among 15,000 Canadians taking part in the 19th annual Gutsy Walk for Crohn's and Colitis. Money raised will help advance medical research into inflammatory bowel disease.

"Many in Marystown and surrounding areas live with Crohn's and colitis, so it is likely someone you know is affected by this painful and often stigmatizing disease," Power said.

Organized by local volunteer chapters, Power said the walk is a fun and healthy way for individuals, businesses, teams and families to support those in the community living with Crohn's and colitis.

Collins is now on a new Nike Mens Gilet medication called Remicade that she said is "doing wonders" in keeping her disease under control.

"I had to leave work at (the grocery story) because I was so sick. I couldn't do it anymore. I was off for at least nine months, but I'm back working for them now at the hotel. I've been off for two surgeries. I go back to work whenever I'm ready, and it's never a Nike Pants Nz

In addition to working, Collins is about to graduate from the College of the North Atlantic Trousers Nike

"We hope to raise more than $3 million across 59 local walk sites in just one day," she said.

She's grateful as well, she said, to others who have supported her over the past few years, especially her employer, Bern Farrell.

Nike Mens Gilet

problem getting off for doctors' appointments. They've been great to me."

Power indicated one in every 150 Canadians suffers from Crohn's disease and colitis a rate, she said, that ranks the highest worldwide.

Nike Mens Gilet

Crohn's disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease that can affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract from mouth to anus, causing a wide variety of symptoms including abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and weight loss.

Nike Mens Gilet

Nike Mens Gilet

Nike Mens Gilet

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