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for me.

Nike Leggings Mesh

Nike Leggings Mesh

1. The course material is great. This will enhance your investing in itself. We motivated for different reasons than the typical agent and I feel I learning the content differently.

5. Arms length deals. My RE agent colleagues say they are doing these. I need to learn if they are allowed. If so, I want in. I hear they are not allowed on REOs, but on other properties? well, lots to learn.

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Nike Leggings Mesh

You can hang your license with another broker as a broker agent and avoid those costs.

4. MLS access. This is like pulling teeth here. I want it fast and when I want it.

too much so). That, combined with poor quality competition in our area for the most part with agents (I been watching this closely for 12 yrs.) makes me consider the possibility of utilizing my RE license full time. I sell properties to the average homeowner for commission I know what on the market b/c I have been to the properties already, and hustle to get listings. And, if I use my license for investing only, I recoup expenses on one property per year (depending on where I hang my license). It worth it.

Investing is not the real estate business carried on by Realtors. Two different worlds, almost. It investing and not paying half of a commission is what you usually benefit from. You also have access to the MLS. That been said, the cost benefit depends on your plans.

IMO, the costs and continuing requirements, office meetings and all that goes on really doesn enhance investing, but the education does.

Nike Leggings Mesh

Nike Leggings Mesh

Nike Leggings Mesh

I decided to get my license (WA state). I currently studying for the exam ad part way through. Really glad I doing this for several reasons.

´╗┐Should I get my Colorado broker's license

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Well, this question has been answered at least a hundred times before, but for others. As I recall, the advice is pretty vanilla, but I toss out a slightly different view.

Being a broker means you have additional expenses usually. Many states require an office, phone, hours of operation being posted, insurance, bonding, a Nike Leggings Mesh business sign and escrow accounts. IMO, it takes some sales to pay for that and the education requirements.

Other than that, we can make your plans, but I do suggest getting the schooling, it where every investor should begin, IMO. :)

Nike Leggings Mesh

3. Expenses to maintain license are considered high here. to go away in the next 2 5 yrs, maybe sooner). And my current field pays very poorly (I want to make more so I can invest faster), and I needing to work more and more for less and less. I been successful in RE so far (I been very cautious and slow, perhaps Nike Sleeveless Compression

If you know alot of people and are good with the public, sales as a Realtor can be a great business.

fashion. The last Realtor I spoke with said she would call me the next day. It been a week and im still waiting. I had let her know that I have money place. That blows my mind. How do people keep their business running like that? If I had already reinstated my license, I would have walked it and possibly made an offer last week. I have a full time job and am not interested in selling real estate. I interested in input for everyone else on this. If you think I should do this, what do you recommend me to do in order to find a broker to hang my license with? Obviously, desk fees would be a waste of money Nike Sweatpants Boys

I in a similar boat Bryan. I have my license in Colorado but it expired. I am seriously considering it for MLS access and so I can see the properties and make offers in a more timely Nike Shorts

Nike Leggings Mesh

Nike Leggings Mesh

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