Nike Leggings For Men

Nike Leggings For Men

You HAVE to continue to grow your marketing and as soon as you place a ceiling on your marketing, you will put a ceiling on your business. A Nike Sportswear Windrunner Men's

Aaron interviewed at several flying jobs and although he is highly qualified, nothing was panning out.

2) In a Competitive, Active Market, Consider Becoming AJack Of All Trades

My husband Aaron and I are stability challenged and now stability deprived, as we decided to leave his well paying and life sucking career as a corporate pilot in California to move into my parent basement in Colorado to pursue real estate investing full time.

I don't hardly know what to do with all the money we're making and the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow has become the theme song for my life. It's AMAZING!and then I woke up from the dream into my reality.

We got a lead from a local investor (and now friend and sometimes partner). He Nike Joggers For Women

Nike Leggings For Men

It has been a breeze and we have sailed smoothly and easily into full time real estate investing.

Wait, what?

Nike Leggings For Men

Nike Leggings For Men

´╗┐Should You Quit Your Job To Pursue Real Estate Investing

Nike Leggings For Men

Our original plan was to solely buy flip investment properties but we have quickly realized that in such an active, competitive market, we need to be a jack of all trades.

It's been FREAKING hard, guys, let me catch you up and hopefully save you some of the struggle we've experienced.

portion of every profit you make on a deal has to go back into expanding the marketing. Treat your marketing like it is its own business.

A static goal would be to reach 2,000 mailers a month.

My hubs and I split time between the business and our other business of raising two precious children.

got the property under contract and we wholesaled it to an investor for $24,000!

Nike Leggings For Men

We realize this amount is an unrealistic expectation in general, but hey, we'll take it.

Nike Leggings For Men

My general growth plan is to continue to grow the marketing until we have mailed to every distressed property address in all of Denver and to explore every form of marketing available and either implement or eliminate the type of marketing we try.

Nike Leggings For Men

Since then, we have gotten two listings, transferred three wholesales and are under contract on our first rehab (we close next week for a $35,000 profit).

The business, since we moved here, has been a dream come true!

We have now been in Colorado for nine months and although we initially had a bunch of leads (from bandit signs which we discontinued Nike Tech Fleece Sweatpants Womens

I continue to write and rewrite this post, as things have changed and shifted quickly and drastically.

Nike Leggings For Men

So let me summarize what we have learned Nike Leggings For Men in these past months and what we plan to do going forward.

It practically kills me to receive a bunch of leads that we end up having toturn away (or when we areturned away by the seller) almost all of them because they don't fit our narrow margins for a flip.

A growth type goal may be to increase your direct mail marketing addresses by 500 mailersa month, every month.

We also hada large amount of capital for purchasing houses and construction costs.

Definitely, but don set static type marketing goals, set growth type marketing goals (I sure there are fancier names for these, I just made that up).

1) Don't Set Static Marketing Goals

a couple months ago due to every city contacting us to take our signs down and few of them threatening to arrest us) none of them were converting to deals and we were discouraged and quickly becoming broke.

In case you haven't been glued to the last two posts I wrote, let me catch you up.

Even after splitting the profits, not such a bad first deal, eh?

We pursued real estate investing for 2 years in California without a single purchase and had six months living expenses saved up to flip our first couple of deals and get on our feet.

Our situation was down to the wire when our first deal came through.

You have to set marketing goals, right?

Nike Leggings For Men

Nike Leggings For Men

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