Nike Joggers For Women

Nike Joggers For Women

I sure things could happened a little sooner, but at first I was waiting for the magic one to fall in my lap. I increased my efforts in getting quality leads, got the word out, hired a good VA to assist me and I now starting to see things falling into place.

Nike Joggers For Women

So I heading into month number 6 since deciding to pursue this. I had one file sent to James that unfortunately was just too close to the sale date, another that was a BofA that just wasn worth the headache, and just sent a new file just this week. I was also talking with a friend last night and out of no where he told me about a guy that he works with that split with his wife and walked away from his home. I have a call scheduled with him tonight and hope to have it under contract and the file on James desk by the end of next week.

Nike Joggers For Women

This of course will only be one example of many different possible scenarios but at least it will be a Nike Joggers For Women real example. My expectations are similar to Maryann

And of course I had dozens of calls and emails with James and Nick over the past few months. Thanks for all your help and encouragement along the way. You guys are awesome!

In my situation it took 2 months approximately on average to get short sale approval and another 2 3 months to get an offer and close with an end user buyer. I am averaging 20% ROI per home.

Because I work such a screwed up schedule, 12 hour shifts rotating days to nights, 7 days a week, I was able to find an awesome VA that was willing to work on commission only. She gets paid if I get paid. I get the leads together and she makes the majority of the calls. The contract that I signed this week was the result of a call she had made for me. She placed calls to 27 leads, was only able to speak to one personally, left 7 messages, and I was able to get one under contract. I wish they all could come that quickly and easily!

Nike Joggers For Women

I buy to flip. Most of my homes are very cookie cutter $50 $60k range built 2004 or newer. Structurally everything is good. I do some nice landscaping, paint the inside, re do flooring if necessary, etc. The availability of USDA financing is helping me move my homes to primary borrowers where the marginal difference between cash buyers and financing buyers is pretty favorable.

3) TIme frame for someone just starting I would plan on about 5 9 months. Also, many items make this change.

As you all can see, I say many times here that several factors will change things. There are so many different ways to perform Short Sales and many other ways to profit. I truly can state no two(2) investors do it the same way. It all depends on; your business plan, your team, your local area, your local/state laws, and I could go on and on.

Nike Joggers For Women

Sam, good luck in starting out, you in the learning curve (and I guess the "teaching" curve with others) to get your system worked out and start cranking.

and my kids who know how to complete it for me, its totally worth the time it takes.

To run a successful business in SS one must always be working as many deals as possible. One cant wait for one deal to close before pursuing the next.

Tim, we will probably be addressing that. I like to see some stats on deals done by those who do it. I imagine it will be all over the place, but what you see is a big difference between those doing deals for a couple of years and in volume and those entering this market and who have knocked down say, less than Nike Women Down Jacket

Nike Joggers For Women

It would be nice to have one under my belt so I can prove they can be done. It would help my confidence a little. I am not lacking in confidence per say but adding experience would help give me an added boost to look the naysayer in the eye and tell them I have already done it so they can either get on board or I will find someone who will.

4) Why do Short Sales not only can you make money, but you actually can assist people in a time of need.

Ah Nick, that just one deal, not an average, just off the top of your head, nothing that causes brain damage here, LOL. As I looked over things the average now is about 10 12 weeks. But many different factors come into play.

and how long does it take for a deal on the average?

ten deals.

So my opinion is if done right and you have patience, they are just as good, if not better than REO I have found it helpful to offer a CMA with my offer to the seller/bank. Most of the times they ignore it but I have had good feedback from some.

Let just look at the average profit in the average period of time.

Nike Joggers For Women

Nike Joggers For Women

Nike Joggers For Women

the amount of time always vary. I never stress it too much because the ones you think will be quick take 6 months. I got an approval, closed and resold within 4 weeks before but of course that isn typical. I know one that we getting an approval on I looking at $70k profit but that isn typical in the price I deal with.


2) Average "profit" This also depends on many items, but about $15,000 $20,000 is a good range.

I am making some of my best money right now in short sales. Problem is there is a wait typically. I started investing in short sales in Florida 6 months ago. Only about 2 months ago have I started seeing profits.

I think Nick sees what I asking here. And in Nicks case dealing in tons of deals with James, I sure it a profitable deal. But what is the average as a percentage of the sale price Nick Nike Shorts Girls

Nike Joggers For Women

Originally posted by motiv8td:I put a call into James. What I do is get the time frame and profit % nailed down on an actual deal we about to close on any day now(as soon as he gets the approval letter).

Great post James. I say you right on with the 5 9 months for someone just starting. If I remember right, I first spoke with you and Nick back in early February. Of course there been a lot of learning, trial and error, and deals, leads and realtors that have fallen through since then.

I put my first two deals under contract in early May. One likely fell apart (foreclosure) but isnt totally dead yet and the other in nearing approval and I should net 54k or so (Purchase FSBO for 115k and sell at 185k). I have put an inordinate amount of time into these with the Association of Realtors, educating the title company and broker and hope to be considerably more efficient from here on out. I just started marketing heavy again. Several deals I thought I had in the bag turned into no deal at all because of homeowner apathy. Can win them all :)

Since I literally don do anything other than sign contracts,and sometimes I don even do that thanks to Docusign Nike Jogger Pants For Men

Nike Joggers For Women

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