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Teague's 2002 attorney, David Silver, who practices in Bennington, could not be reached Friday. Calls to the home of Wright, who left office in 2007, and Nike Tech Fleece Pants Camo

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Burgess wrote the line of questioning would have been irrelevant to the legal question of Teague's continued confinement.

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Several other questions raised by Teague, including the constitutionality of Vermont's involuntary hospitalization laws and the effectiveness of her attorney were not addressed by the Supreme Court. Burgess said the constitutional claims were not actually raised in Teague's motion and the Supreme Court "generally (does) not address (ineffective counsel claims) on direct appeal."

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Teague fled Bennington and was arrested only miles from the Canadian border in New Hampshire about nine hours after the shootings at the plant.

In October 1991, Teague shot and killed Energizer plant manager Jonathan K. Perryman, 47, and shot Patricia Nike Blue Socks

Nike Jogger Shorts

Nike Jogger Shorts

While Munson said Teague still refuses to take antipsychotic medications, he told the court he believed she would panic and said there was a high Nike Jogger Shorts risk she would return to aggressive behavior if she was released from the psychiatric hospital.

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Nike Jogger Shorts

Nike Jogger Shorts

Teague also argued that the court had "denied her the right to present evidence relevant to her defense" because the judge would not allow her to question the doctor about whether computers can read and control minds after her lawyer refused to pursue the line of questioning.

In the Supreme Court decision, Justice Brian Burgess said Teague's longtime treating psychiatrist Dr. Richard Munson had testified that Teague was a schizophrenic whose condition was largely the same as it had been when she was first hospitalized in 1992.

In a hearing on involuntary treatment in 1992, Dr. Margaret Bolton said Teague continued to be "isolative, angry, irritable, challenging and paranoid" and a danger to the community.

"Her symptoms include hallucinations, panic and what Munson termed 'infinite regress,' evidenced by her practice of writing a series of letters that refer solely to the contents of other letters, none of which contain independent content. She has threatened patients on the ward and 'is still driven by persecutory beliefs,'" Burgess wrote.

the hip and maintenance manager Thomas A. Fuhr in the stomach.

Teague claimed the state had failed to prove she was a "patient in need of further treatment" and argued that a trial court had erred because it had not allowed her to represent herself at a hearing in February 2006.

BENNINGTON The Vermont Supreme Court on Friday unanimously upheld the involuntary hospitalization of Elizabeth Teague, who shot three people, killing one of them, and tried to set off homemade bombs in 1991 at the Energizer Battery plant.

´╗┐Shooter still needs treatment

Teague also made the request during and not before the hearing when a defendant's right to represent herself is most commonly requested and granted.

However, Teague has continued to fight efforts to keep her institutionalized although the Bennington County State's Attorney William D. Wright reserved the right in 1999 to re file charges if Teague is ever found competent.

Bennington County State's Attorney Erica Marthage were not returned on Friday.

However, the court found that Teague had told a judge she was generally satisfied with her attorney except for his refusal to ask the psychiatrist about "mind control computer system technology."

While charges had been filed against Teague for first degree murder, second degree attempted murder and arson, she was never tried because the state found she was not competent to stand trial.

Nike Jogger Shorts

Teague, 47, who is being treated at the Vermont State Hospital, had filed a motion complaining that a judge had not allowed her to ask a doctor about her belief that computers can "read a person's mind and control a person's thoughts."

After the shootings, Teague attempted to burn down the plant with homemade Molotov cocktails, according to police.

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