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Last week I learned that x86 (and x86 64) PCs servers are basically resistance heaters. So it almost as efficient to heat your house by rackmount as it is by incandescent?

You basically get punished for being good at turning off lights when not in use.

They only wasteful Pants Nike De Mujer

Nike Jogger Pants Mens

Nike Jogger Pants Mens

OTOH, with Xeons you could sell virtual private server hosting to compensate for the heating expenses. Anyone care Nike Black Tech Fleece Joggers

to make and ROI calculation here vs. resistive heating?

Nike Jogger Pants Mens

tanzam75 344 days ago link

during the summer months. And a CFL probably takes more energy to manufacture and recycle, and needs more packaging material to prevent breakage, since nobody likes to clean up toxic mercury spills. (After having read the dire warnings on the EPA web site about what procedure to follow if you break a CFL, I never wanted buy another CFL again.)

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telephonetemp 344 days ago link

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Nike Jogger Pants Mens

Nike Jogger Pants Mens

stephengillie 344 days ago link

ericd 344 days ago link

No. Nike Black Tech Fleece

Nike Jogger Pants Mens

Nike Jogger Pants Mens

hcarvalhoalves 344 days ago link

Incandescents release more mercury into the enviroment over the course of their lifetime because they use more electricity, since much electricity is based on coal mining (which inevitably releases some mercury). Heat pumps are much more efficient than turning electricity directly into heat unless it extremely cold.

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mrbabbage 344 days ago link

´╗┐Should I buy LED or CFL light bulbs

It not only turning on that wears it out. CFLs lose efficiency over time anyway, down to 80 70% of the light output in as soon as 6 months. After a year or two they can be below 50%. That alone should make it more cost effective.

Haha electricity wise, yeah, but you can get almost as much heat out of a 100W lightbulb as a $1,000 Xeon that running at 100%, so you might be better off going that way if you looking Nike Jogger Pants Mens to save money : )

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