Nike Grey Joggers

Nike Grey Joggers

Before heading back to Duluth, he reminded the small crowd that he'd need some help to make it to the end of his 15 mile march: "I'm going against a guy who can hold fundraisers with Conan O'Brien . ."

But on Wednesday night, Dahlberg was content to try to win over a handful of Mankato area Republican activists in the conference room at the Happy Chef.

Nike Grey Joggers

Nike Grey Joggers

Dahlberg's meeting in Mankato was hosted by a pair of Blue Earth County commissioners who became acquainted with him through the Association of Minnesota Counties. The support of Commissioner Mark Piepho, Nike Shorts With Leggings

"How do you eat an elephant? It's one bite at a time," the Duluth attorney said.

´╗┐shot attempt to take on Franken

Nike Grey Joggers

Nike Grey Joggers

Nike Grey Joggers

a former Republican lawmaker and longtime party member, wasn't surprising.

While the elephant consumption analogy was about eliminating the nation's $17 trillion debt, which Dahlberg said would be his top priority, he also concedes he has a big task in front of him to win the Republican endorsement to challenge Franken. The GOP is fresh off a blow out loss in the 2012 Senate race after Republican activists endorsed a little known, underfinanced freshman lawmaker against Democratic Sen. Amy Nike Grey Joggers Klobuchar.

"I'm the one, probably, nonpartisan person who's here," Stuehrenberg said before endorsing Dahlberg. ". I just like him because he's a straight shooter, he's not afraid to tell you what he thinks, and he's got character."

Nike Grey Joggers

Nike Grey Joggers

The 25 year Army Reserve veteran, though, said he's treating the race like a 15 mile ruck march, putting his head down and taking it a step at Nike Down Parka Womens

"We're far out in the race," said Dahlberg, who is facing, among others, long time state Sen. Julianne Ortman of Chanhassen and businessman Mike McFadden of Sunfish Lake for the chance to take on Franken. This month, Ortman won a non binding straw poll at the off year Republican state convention and McFadden revealed he already has $1.2 million on hand for his campaign, more than state Rep. Kurt Bills raised in his entire campaign against Klobuchar.

But Dahlberg said he offers Republicans, who are in the midst of a rough losing streak in statewide elections, a different kind of candidate. He's a Republican who won union endorsements in his second county board victory in 2010 and won election in a city where Barack Obama was picking up nearly 70 percent of the vote.

While he said he will be steadfast in reducing debt, repealing the Affordable Care Act and looking to return government control to the states, Dahlberg said he has no interest in personal slams against Democrats including Franken.

Nike Grey Joggers

a time.

Commissioner Vance Stuehrenberg, though, was making an uncommon foray into partisan politics.

Dahlberg responded by saying that even if Democrats are wrong on the issues "it doesn't make a person a bad person." And he said it will be necessary to work with Democrats to Nike Red Joggers

"You can't grandstand. You've got to respect people," he said.

"Mr. Franken, I'm sure, is a good man," he said, prompting sounds of disagreement from a couple of the Republicans on hand.

make progress on some of his priorities, a prospect he said is undermined by caustic rhetoric.

Nike Grey Joggers

Nike Grey Joggers

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